Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Love Lavender

I love to sew, and if I may say so modestly, I am very good at it. (My mom taught me after all, and she is really good!) But more often than I care to admit, I make a mistake. Sometimes I even mess something up pretty good. And this is exactly why I keep close at hand, with the usual necessary items like scissors and pins, a sachet filled with lavender.
I adore the scent of lavender, and what is so great about lavender is that not only does it smell incredibly good, but it does good too. With its uplifting and relaxing aroma, it helps me feel calmer (and less likely to throw something.) Sure, when I do screw up, I might say a few choice words too, but a good deep breath of my favorite herb goes a long way to putting me back on track.

Note: When I was photographing my sachet for this post, I dropped my camera on my hard cement patio. If ever I had a need for lavender, it was then...

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