Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Once Upon a Road Trip

About this time every winter we get serious spring fever. We know that spring isn't that far off, and we even see early signs of it-just today I saw dozens of robins out and about-but we still feel cooped up and long for a change. We are sick of being inside and crave something different. Two words come to mind-Road Trip!
Years ago, when Stuart and I were living in Corvallis, Oregon we decided one early spring afternoon to drive over to the Oregon coast-about an hour away-and walk on the beach, have dinner at some seafood joint, watch the pretty sunset, and come home.
Just one little detail we couldn't overlook. We didn't have a car. We got everywhere and did everything on our bicycles. A call to one of Stuart's friends quickly provided us with a Honda Accord, and we were off.
It was a marvelous trip, and we had a nice time, but at the end of the day there was one slight problem. As we prepared to return home we realized we had locked the keys in the car! What were we going to do?

We couldn't break a window-it wasn't our car...

It was certainly too far to walk home...

We hated to call someone to come and give us a ride...
While we debated the possibilities of the fix we were in, a good Samaritan came over and asked what was wrong. We told him and he quickly returned with a metal coat hanger. Soon a whole band of well intentioned citizens gathered around us with advice. One man even had a huge key ring full of every imaginable key-but none worked.
It looked as though we might be spending the night on the coast, when a girl driving a Honda Accord pulled in near us. She also came over to see what the fuss was about, and when informed that we'd locked our keys in our car she said "Here-try mine." Much to our amazement and joy, her key worked! Our car was unlocked and we were soon on our way. ( I vaguely remember folks clapping and cheering-everyone was pretty excited!)
All in all it was a great day. Our road trip had provided us with a change of scenery, a little bit of drama, a happy ending, and most of all...a fun story to tell when we were safely home.
(And I have to say thanks to all of Stuart's and my ancestors who so kindly took these pictures years ago, so that I could use them for this post!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's (In) My Bag?

I was tagged by Suzie over at itch2stitch to show what I carry in my bag. Seeing this as a good incentive to clean my bag out as well, here is what I take with me.
My wallet, my keys--which are on a giant safety pin key chain that I was given years ago by my Mom I think, but it may have been from my Sister (it was a really long time ago!) I do know that each of my sisters and I have one. A tissue holder knitted by my daughter Amy, a tube of Tangee lipstick (it is colorless but is supposed to turn the perfect shade on the wearer--how would I know I wonder?), a vintage cigarette case that holds my business cards, a mechanical pencil (though as Amy pointed out I don't carry any paper!), a small bottle of lotion from my first visit to Hawaii, a scrap of barkcloth for which I need to find matching fabric, and a couple of dollars my Dad gave me to pay me back for some cinnamon rolls I bought for breakfast once-and I can't bear to spend.
It will be nice, for a little while at least to have a neat and tidy bag! Thanks Suzie!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Inspires Me

The last couple of days my darling daughter was home sick and so to pass the time in a restful manner we watched some old shows together (ok-we watched a lot of old shows together!)

I love most anything old or vintage and always have. I even often feel that I was born in the wrong decade. (My husband says I am chronologically challenged!) So it comes as no surprise that when I design a bag I take my inspiration from the past.

Some of my favorite sources of ideas are pictures from old Sears catalogs, old magazines, old patterns, and yes, old movies.

I also draw lots of inspiration from my fabrics and old buttons.

Sometimes I start with a piece of barkcloth and try to see what bag style it lends itself too, or sometimes I’ll look at a picture and then go to my stash to find the right piece.

My goal is to create a finished bag that would look fashionable in any era. Too bad I can’t time travel!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Tale About "South Pacific"

“I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair”

Last fall I first learned that South Pacific was coming to Seattle. I love this show! I have the movie, and the soundtrack too, but to see it performed live would be the ultimate thrill. I think my husband was aware of this because on Christmas morning one of my presents was not wrapped in Christmas paper, but came in a small white envelope. (ok, so I wouldn’t REALLY have washed him out of my hair had he not gotten tickets--I sorta like having him around!)

“Cock-Eyed Optimist”

The date of our performance was last Saturday in Seattle. Even though it’s February, it is still winter and sometimes the mountain pass from the east side of Washington state where we live, to the west side is very dangerous to cross and even closes if the weather is really bad. We were hopeful the weather would cooperate. It did!

“My Girl Back Home”

Nope. Amy came along too. Even though she is only 14 she loves this sort of thing as much as I do. We did however decide not to get our dog Willow a ticket. She spent a happy day with my parents.

“This Nearly Was Mine”

We had lunch in Seattle before the show. We looked at menus on-line and picked out a place that looked good. I was going to have Idaho catfish. What we failed to notice was that the menu we looked at was the weekday menu and not the weekend menu. No catfish! I was so taken aback I ordered yogurt and granola! I plead temporary insanity.

“Bloody Mary”

All I can say is I passed on anything alcoholic. I wanted all my senses intact for the show!

"Some Enchanted Evening"

Well, it was a 2:00 matinee, but still enchanting!

“Bali Ha’i”

I loved the show! Playing at the gorgeous 5th Avenue Theatre in downtown Seattle-an art deco masterpiece built in 1926, South Pacific had everything I could hope for—beautiful tropical sets, great characters, and wonderful, wonderful music! It was a real treat to see and I love it even more than before. I heard a story that illustrates my feelings exactly. A man attending a performance of South Pacific noticed an empty seat next to the woman beside him. This was unusual as all performances were normally sold out. He asked her about this and she explained that the seat was for her husband but he had recently died. “I’m sorry,” said the man. “But couldn’t you get a friend to come with you?” “No,” the woman replied. “Right now all of my friends are attending his funeral.”

Thanks for reading all of my "Happy Talk!"