Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Tale About "South Pacific"

“I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair”

Last fall I first learned that South Pacific was coming to Seattle. I love this show! I have the movie, and the soundtrack too, but to see it performed live would be the ultimate thrill. I think my husband was aware of this because on Christmas morning one of my presents was not wrapped in Christmas paper, but came in a small white envelope. (ok, so I wouldn’t REALLY have washed him out of my hair had he not gotten tickets--I sorta like having him around!)

“Cock-Eyed Optimist”

The date of our performance was last Saturday in Seattle. Even though it’s February, it is still winter and sometimes the mountain pass from the east side of Washington state where we live, to the west side is very dangerous to cross and even closes if the weather is really bad. We were hopeful the weather would cooperate. It did!

“My Girl Back Home”

Nope. Amy came along too. Even though she is only 14 she loves this sort of thing as much as I do. We did however decide not to get our dog Willow a ticket. She spent a happy day with my parents.

“This Nearly Was Mine”

We had lunch in Seattle before the show. We looked at menus on-line and picked out a place that looked good. I was going to have Idaho catfish. What we failed to notice was that the menu we looked at was the weekday menu and not the weekend menu. No catfish! I was so taken aback I ordered yogurt and granola! I plead temporary insanity.

“Bloody Mary”

All I can say is I passed on anything alcoholic. I wanted all my senses intact for the show!

"Some Enchanted Evening"

Well, it was a 2:00 matinee, but still enchanting!

“Bali Ha’i”

I loved the show! Playing at the gorgeous 5th Avenue Theatre in downtown Seattle-an art deco masterpiece built in 1926, South Pacific had everything I could hope for—beautiful tropical sets, great characters, and wonderful, wonderful music! It was a real treat to see and I love it even more than before. I heard a story that illustrates my feelings exactly. A man attending a performance of South Pacific noticed an empty seat next to the woman beside him. This was unusual as all performances were normally sold out. He asked her about this and she explained that the seat was for her husband but he had recently died. “I’m sorry,” said the man. “But couldn’t you get a friend to come with you?” “No,” the woman replied. “Right now all of my friends are attending his funeral.”

Thanks for reading all of my "Happy Talk!"


  1. I love South Pacific. Love I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair... and send him on his way! As for cock-eyed optimist, well! That is a song I have sung many a time ove the years. I am a cock-eyed optimist! Loved your post Valerie! suzie xxx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. I love South Pacific!!

    If you are interested in Hawaii, check out "another bright idea"s blog. She is doing a "I'd rather be in Hawaii" week and interviewing 4 artists from Hawaii (including me). She is offering great giveaways of our artwork all week long, as well. Here's the link