Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Inspires Me

The last couple of days my darling daughter was home sick and so to pass the time in a restful manner we watched some old shows together (ok-we watched a lot of old shows together!)

I love most anything old or vintage and always have. I even often feel that I was born in the wrong decade. (My husband says I am chronologically challenged!) So it comes as no surprise that when I design a bag I take my inspiration from the past.

Some of my favorite sources of ideas are pictures from old Sears catalogs, old magazines, old patterns, and yes, old movies.

I also draw lots of inspiration from my fabrics and old buttons.

Sometimes I start with a piece of barkcloth and try to see what bag style it lends itself too, or sometimes I’ll look at a picture and then go to my stash to find the right piece.

My goal is to create a finished bag that would look fashionable in any era. Too bad I can’t time travel!


  1. Oh, it turned out beautifully, Valerie!
    Love the pleating!

    Hope your daughter feels better soon.
    Kimberly :-)

  2. it is beautiful! Now I would like to see the inside of it please! What a coincidence as I have just tagged you over on my blog, come and have a look! suzie. xxx

  3. Hi Valerie, hope your daughter is feeling better this week.

    Love your bag!! Fabric is gorgeous and perfect for the style.