Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's (In) My Bag?

I was tagged by Suzie over at itch2stitch to show what I carry in my bag. Seeing this as a good incentive to clean my bag out as well, here is what I take with me.
My wallet, my keys--which are on a giant safety pin key chain that I was given years ago by my Mom I think, but it may have been from my Sister (it was a really long time ago!) I do know that each of my sisters and I have one. A tissue holder knitted by my daughter Amy, a tube of Tangee lipstick (it is colorless but is supposed to turn the perfect shade on the wearer--how would I know I wonder?), a vintage cigarette case that holds my business cards, a mechanical pencil (though as Amy pointed out I don't carry any paper!), a small bottle of lotion from my first visit to Hawaii, a scrap of barkcloth for which I need to find matching fabric, and a couple of dollars my Dad gave me to pay me back for some cinnamon rolls I bought for breakfast once-and I can't bear to spend.
It will be nice, for a little while at least to have a neat and tidy bag! Thanks Suzie!


  1. oh Valerie I did enjoy this! I love the Keyring and the knitted tissue holder, but most of all I love the way you have kept the couple of dollars, that is so telling. It is like keeping that moment and if you spent it it would be gone! I love that so much, just the kind of thing I do! Thank you for sharing this with me and others! Suzie. xxxxxxx

  2. Ha ha! Valerie, I ALSO have a small scrap of Tahiti fabric I carry around in my bag in case I find something somewhere, I want to know it will match! Too funny! And I wish I had known about cigarette cases to use for business cards earlier. I don't smoke, but I was in a shop once that had this adorable little cigarette case. I wanted to get it for just "whatevers", but "holding business cards" didn't pop into my head at the time, or I would have for sure bought it!!! Oh well, next time!

    By the way.... how old is that lotion!! hee hee!