Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Bitter and the Sweet

The end of summer has come and it’s quiet around the house today. My daughter Amy started back to school (8th grade!), and I miss having her around. Besides being mother and daughter, we are the best of friends too. I truly love her company and we do lots of things together. Last night there was a flurry of activity as she prepared for today-she retrieved her back pack from the closet where it had been hidden away since last June. She filled her new binder with all the usual and necessary school supplies-pencils, pens, paper. She picked out her first day of school outfit (all new clothes, of course!) And while I baked cookies for her lunch, she watched a favorite old movie-taking her mind off the inevitability of today a little longer.
But the end of summer is good too. This is the time of year that I take a few green tomatoes from the garden and make mincemeat-that classic blend of green tomatoes, apples, raisins, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg (I don’t put any meat in mine.) After hours of cooking, this mixture is reduced to a dark, sweet, spicy concoction that I put up in jars and then put away for the upcoming holidays. To me, no Thanksgiving or Christmas would seem complete without a mincemeat pie-it’s as much a tradition as roast turkey or a Christmas tree.
Amy may be back in school now, and she won’t have as much free time as she does in the summer-but one thing won’t change. When it comes time to make mincemeat, my favorite helper will be by my side.


  1. Its strange when they go back to school isn't it? I like the sound of your mincemeat recipe! suzie. xxx

  2. Oh Valerie, Thank you so much for your wonderful, warm and understanding post! Yes, I really want to conquer the fear, because as you probably know, fear can stop you living life to the full. I for one, have no intention spending life, which is so short for all of us anyway, living in the shadow of fear! yes, you are right, the view from the summit will be breathtaking! Suzie. xxx Big hugs to you. x

  3. Hello Again! Just have to say once again, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving another lovely post! You are so kind and thoughtful and I really love reading your comments! Suzie. x :)