Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Long, Summer

Tonight the temperature is supposed to get down to well below freezing. This pretty much will mean the end of my garden for the year. I love autumn, and the color show it brings, but I’ll miss the splendor of summer. Nature creates more beauty with her handiwork than I could ever hope to. (She is the true artist-I simply make the arrangements-flower beds being my “bouquets.”)
After winter ends, and my thoughts turn to spring, my garden is a little like a stranger to me, or an acquaintance I haven’t seen in a long time. I don’t remember clearly how things were, or I have just forgotten. But by the end of summer my garden is like an old and dear friend. I know it intimately. And I know that saying farewell will be hard.

In an attempt to save a little bit of summer for just a little bit longer, my daughter Amy and I have been gathering the last of the flowers-we have picked enough for five vases so far.
It won’t be long before the snow comes, and covers my garden with a white winter blanket. (My garden deserves to have a good long rest.) But spring will come. The snow will melt. And I’ll be outside saying “It’s been a while, but it’s so good to see you again…”

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  1. Lovely post Valerie! I loved the way you refer to your garden as an old friend! I know what you mean by in the spring it is like a stranger, because it does seem to be a new surprise all over again, when plants pop up that you had forgotten! Wonderful!