Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Match Made in Heaven!

mint 5

This past week I got all three of these supplies in the mail-from three different sources. The pretty green floral barkcloth is from the 1950’s. The red, white and green plaid is a reproduction but looks straight out of the 1930’s. (I really love 30’s and 40’s style plaids!) The vintage buttons have glittery confetti inside and are the prettiest color of mint green.

I instantly knew they had to be combined into one bag because they are perfect together. I usually have to work harder than this when designing a bag, but not this time. I can say that it’s kismet, serendipity or fate…but given that today is St. Patrick’s day, it may just be the luck of the Irish!

perfect combination

Before I got my scissors out…

mint 3

I just love the finished bag!


  1. Hello my lovely friend! I think that the fabrics together are a sheer feast for the eyes! But the finished bag, looks just so right, I love it! suzie. xxx

  2. BEAUTIFUL! What an awesome combination. I love that 50's barkcloth. And the finished bag is perfect! Maybe it did have a little bit to do with the luck o' the Irish, but I think most of it came from the vision of a great designer.

  3. Just popped on to say... have a wonderful time in Hawaii! Suzie xxxxx

  4. hay i really like this creation!
    tis all quite lovely!
    thankyou for sharing!
    your blog is delightful too btw!

    have fun being creative x