Thursday, June 17, 2010

In A Different Light

I live in an old house. It was built in or around 1900, and though it’s held up well through the years, it needs some cosmetic improvements. One thing I’m trying to do is to replace all the more modern light fixtures with vintage or vintage style ones. Several months ago I found a old and beautiful chandelier at a surplus sale, and entered a bid in a sealed auction. Well I won—with a winning bid of $41! This chandelier had been removed during the renovation of one of the old buildings on the campus of Central Washington University-Sue Lombard Hall-a dormitory and dining hall. It was one of the original fixtures when the building was completed in 1926. Parts of this chandelier are even real silver! This week, after a good cleaning and polishing by me, and rewiring and installation by my husband and father in law-it now provides light for my studio, where it replaced a white ceiling fan. It looks stunning, hanging majestically from the ceiling and it makes me happy to see something beautiful from the past once again performing the task it was made to do!

Watch out ugly blue wallpaper! You are next!

chandeleir before big

The chandelier before cleaned up.


After a good cleaning and polishing.

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  1. That is magnificent Valerie, I love it, and it is wonderful to get the house back to its original look too. I love the history behing the chandelier too! Suzie xxx