Sunday, August 29, 2010

That’s Life

There is an expression about a certain road being paved with good intentions. If that’s the case, I’ve resurfaced it several times by now. You see, I’ve been intending to to do a new blog post for the last three weeks.

I could blame it on Kona. New puppies are a lot of of work. A LOT of work! In between things like keeping Kona’s curious teeth out of trouble, (Table leg? Rawhide bone?) and cleaning up the occasional puddle, ( it’s hard to remember where the door is, or to even go to the door for that matter) she kept me on my toes.

And about those bananas that were on the kitchen table-well maybe they could have lasted another couple of days, but just to be safe I decided that I really should make banana bread NOW, and why not chop up some dried cherries and cashews to throw in while I was at it.

Then there was my garden. Ellensburg is a desert after all. That means very hot temperatures, and no rain. So we are talking about taking the time to drag the garden hose all around the yard, every day, so that all of my precious flowers and veggies wouldn’t perish.

Sometimes my best intentions went out the window because of family and friends. I helped get Amy and Stuart ready the night before their memorable father and daughter trip to Washington DC by helping get laundry done and cookies made for the airplane ride. And there was that morning walk, meant to be a quick one, so that I could get back home and take care of some loose ends. Instead, I ran into a friend who had just lost her husband last spring, and I hugged her for the longest time, right in the middle of the road, while she cried on my shoulder…

So I didn’t get a new blog post done for almost three weeks. But I’m not complaining. Because in between my best intentions, I was busy living my life. And that’s the stuff blogs are made of.

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