Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Abigail


As I write this, it’s Tuesday morning, and instead of seeing palm trees and colorful tropical flowers when I look out my window, I see bare trees and brown grass. And I know that I’m home, and Hawaii once again exists for me only in pictures and memories.

We left Seattle, that Saturday morning, in a blinding snow storm. This was the first time I was on a plane that had to be de iced before take off. The flight was already way behind schedule due to jet way problems and having to move the plane to a new gate.

But soon, we were on our way! People on flights that are bound for Hawaii are a pretty festive bunch. And receiving complimentary Mai Tais helps too! As we touched down on Maui, with the wind bouncing us around as though we were traveling aboard a paper airplane, one of the flight attendants yelled “Whoa! Whoa doggie!” at the top of his lungs. It broke the tension and we laughed and applauded the captain for landing us safely.

Once we arrived at our motel and got settled into our room, it didn’t take us long to fall into a pleasant routine of spending time at the beach, and exploring the island.

Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite sights…


The view from our lanai. I could never get tired of looking at those palm trees.


Colorful paddle boards blend in perfectly with tropical flowers.



And speaking of tropical flowers, I could easily take hundreds of photographs of the tropical plants that thrive in Hawaii. I love the colors, textures and atmosphere they create.


The island of Molokai in the distance.


 Palm trees at dusk.


The colors of the sea. They really are stunning!

salt bowls_thumb

Ancient Hawaiians carved these holes in the rocks to catch seawater, which was allowed to evaporate for the salt.


Just a rocky shore, or so we thought.


And then we spied some slumbering sea turtles!


The quintessential Hawaiian sunset. The sun was like a fireball on this particular evening.


Amy found this heart. It easily could have been mine…


With luck, there will be another trip to Hawaii at the end of this rainbow.

For both of us, Abigail.


  1. I love your pics. Those holes carved in the rocks are neat. And the sea turtle! Glad you had a great trip - may there be many more for you :-)

  2. Thanks Lisa:) Those holes were cool-it was amazing to look at the handiwork of someone who lived so long ago, yet is still visible today. We marveled at the patience it must have taken to carve those holes in that hard stone, too. Those sea turtles looked so peaceful..I was worried at first that they weren't alive, but they swam off later:)

    I'm already thinking about our next trip...:)

  3. Beautiful pictures Valerie! I'm so glad you had a good trip and are back safely! The sunset is gorgeous! :)

  4. Thanks Crystal:) We must have taken dozens of sunset pictures-they are so beautiful! I miss Hawaii, but getting there is not very fun. I wish I could travel like Samantha in Bewitched-just twitch my nose, and voila!

  5. Oh Valerie, what a dream vacation!
    The pictures are just gorgeous. Hubby and I visited Hawaii for our 10yr anniversary (yikes, that was 10 years ago, already!).
    I'm itchin to go back, but don't look forward to that flight.

    Glad you had a fun and safe trip.

    Kimberly :-)

  6. Thanks Kimberly:) I know what you mean about the flight. There was a lot of turbulence this time, and I hate that! I hope you guys get to go back some day:)

  7. What beautiful pictures, I can feel the sea breeze from here ... So gorgeous, I'm missing it and I haven't been there!


  8. I am so glad you landed safely and are enjoying your trip. The pictures are to die for:~)They make me sigh and long for the beach.

    I love the heart Amy found. That's so cool.

    Well, have fun and enjoy your trip.

    Still plan to climb a palm tree?

  9. I think my blood pressure went down just looking at these.

  10. Gorgeous pictures! And a fun account of your travels :)

  11. Joanne, it's so easy to feel that way, my friend. I'm "homesick" already:)

    Thanks Sara! I didn't climb any palm trees, but I hugged as many as I could (without appearing to be too strange!) ;)

    Tina-consider this post a present from me to you to enjoy on your blog break:)

    Tracy-thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it:)

  12. Wow ♦ WoW ♦ WoW
    never been to Hawaii.. your photos are sooooo beautiful.. would be wonderful to experience that beauty myself!!!

  13. Thanks Lisa:) I know you'd love it there too! It really is gorgeous!

  14. I love those photos :)
    amazing post!!


  15. Thank you so much Licorice! And I'm so glad you visited my blog,too!

  16. It does me good to know that you feed your soul by going to the place that speaks to you. I need to learn this from you. The pictures are gorgeous. I'd need a few mai tais to endure that flight:)

  17. Thanks Kim. What a lovely comment-about more mai tais, I mean;) Big hugs, my friend:)