Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Walk in the Woods


It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, multiple fires were raging in this forest, burning close to 90,000 acres before being all but extinguished by first heavy rains, and now snow.  We love this forest.  It’s a place of unimaginable beauty where we like to go hiking and skiing, and it is also in this forest that we trek each year in search of our perfect Christmas tree. Now that the fires were no longer keeping us out, we were going crazy to return here, and see for ourselves how much damage there was, and whether a visit to these woods could ever be the same as before.

Thankfully, this forest is so vast that the fire damage was not immediately evident, and flocked with a fresh coating of snow, burned trees have become nearly indistinguishable from those left untouched.  Under a heavy cover of clouds that blurred the world beyond the hills, and lightly falling snow, we set out on our walk yesterday.  So quiet was it, and so completely shrouded in white, I felt like we had somehow stepped inside a beautiful and magical snow globe. 









And then there was Kona.  While I’m sure she appreciated the beauty of her surroundings too, she mainly demonstrated her ability to go faster than the speed of sound, even when the snow is several inches deep.  It must be that new orange coat of hers!

Have a great week, dear readers!


  1. I love the next to the last picture. So pretty - even if snow isn't my thing!

  2. I feel that way when I have to shovel the sidewalks! Then pretty only goes so far...;) But seriously, it was just gorgeous out there yesterday!

  3. It DOES look like a magical snow globe!

    We haven't been able to go back to Utah to snowboard for 3 seasons now. Brighton is actually opening today, and we are sick with disappointment, but also very appreciative that we do live in a beautiful place. If only it could snow in Hawaii for just a week or two! :O)

    Kona does look like she is having the time of her life. Poor Bry would probably get buried alive trying to run through thick snow like that.

    Were you able to pick out a tree for the Holidays? AWESOME BEAUTIFUL pictures. Have fun!!!

  4. Beautiful photos Valerie, and I'm so glad you got to return to one of your favourite places and Kona is definitely in seventh heaven.

    Me? As beautiful as it is, my teeth are chattering just from looking at it!

  5. Oh I cannot believe I am going to say this. I want snow, I would love to go play in it and enjoy the beauty only it can hold.
    Thank you for showing us this.
    On second thought maybe I can wait a little longer. Maybe:) B

  6. This is you!!!??? Oh my goodness ♦ I forgot what a winter wonderland was like! .. short term memory :)
    Beautiful .. love that crisp clean in the air.
    You need to get that dog a sled!

  7. Gorgeous photos, Valerie. It looks so serene. Love it!

  8. Yummmmm, very pretty! (esp. the close ups)

  9. Wow. Sometimes I wished I lived where there were beautiful scenes like your pictures depicted. The snow is lovely.

    I liked seeing Kona run out of the picture. That's dogs for you...always on the go. I like her bright orange coat. At least you will not lose her.

    Welcome to winter!

  10. Are you snowing already? My goodness. What gorgeous pics.

    We also live near an area where we can go in and chop down our own Xmas tree. We are still working up the courage.

  11. Stunningly beautiful!
    Although I'm not quite ready for that much snow, it sure is pretty.
    And look how much fun Kona is having. :)


  12. That new orange coat indeed! Valerie, I always knew you must live close to paradise...and if you didn't, you'd find it. XO

  13. Just stopped by for a visit and to say a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Stay warm!

  14. Such great photos! I'm glad to hear that the fires didn't destroy as much as they could have! We haven't received any substantial snow here in MN and that is both good and bad. Good because I don't have to worry about slipping and sliding, but bad because I would love a white Christmas!

  15. Jess-I feel the same way about snow! It's pretty to look at until my tailbone hits the sidewalk! Ouch! I was so glad to see so much of the forest untouched by the fire!