Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 Things…

Since today is another gray and windy day, and the birds are eating up all the grass seed we threw down, and my rhubarb is growing to such monstrous proportions that I may need to build a cage around it, and I can’t work outside, I thought I would make my list of seven things people may or may not know about me. (Thank you Suzie ( itch2stitch.com blog ) for the blog award, and for sharing your own list!)

1. I collect sarongs. I’ve been collecting these gorgeous pieces of fabric for a few years now, and each time I’ve been in Hawaii I've bought a few more. What do I do with them? Nothing really, except to look at them when I need inspiration or when I just need to see a good jolt of color. And that’s why I collect them-because they are so fun to look at. ( Unless I wore one with a cowboy hat and boots I would probably look out of place wearing one in my town!) Here are a few from my collection:

sar2 sar4sar6sar7sar8sar5


2. When I was 30 I was hit by a pickup truck while out for a walk. Miraculously, beyond a broken nose and scrapes and bruises, I wasn’t hurt very badly because it was cold out and I was bundled up. The Hershey kisses in my pocket didn’t fare as well and were smashed flat. (Maybe chocolate saved my life!) I have problems today though with my knees and shoulders-- from the impact, and I can’t do things I love like gardening, as much as I would like.

3. I love camo. I don’t know why. I am also really drawn to the color green and army green in particular. When I’m reaching for my Fiestaware coffee cup in the morning though, my favorite color is the periwinkle blue one.

gail 3

4. I am deathly afraid of heights. (I am writing this sitting on the floor!) Well I’m not THAT bad, but the thought of riding in a glass elevator is as appealing as having a rattlesnake for a pet.

5. I love Nutella. Maybe this comes as no surprise. It is widely known that I love chocolate, but Nutella is a whole different matter. Once a jar is opened, forget it. Nutella is gone. End of story.

6. And speaking of chocolate, I love Hula Pie. I’ve only ever seen it on the menu in Hawaii, but I know how to make it myself. It’s a frozen concoction made with a chocolate cookie crumb pie crust, filled with macadamia nut ice cream, and topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and more chopped macadamia nuts. The order doesn’t really matter so much as the combination of ingredients. It’s dangerous, and makes perfectly respectable people act completely out of character!(By the way, I’m going to make one for my Dad’s birthday in June. Hula pie, combined with some luscious tropical drinks made with Sailor Jerry rum, just might make for a very interesting blog post…)

http://www.dukeswaikiki.com/ hulapie/index.cfm

7. On a more serious note, I’ll add to this list that I would like to live someplace, for a year or so, where I would have none of the modern conveniences that I have now. ( I know of some people who did this recently and said it was the best year of their life.) I think it would be a humbling experience and would make me a much better person:)


  1. Hello you lovely lady! Gosh you were lucky not getting more seriously hurt by that truck! Saved by chocolate, at last, I am being told that the bad things we love so much are good for us! It is a shame though that you have been affected in the sense that you find certain things difficult ( i know all about that, still have a few probs after my ops)
    Those sarongs are gorgeous, I would just stare at them and touch them several times a day!
    You love camo, maybe you are a reincarnated soldier! :)
    That Hula pie sounds yummy! You made me laugh out loud when I read that it is dangerous, and when you said you were making it for your Dad's birthday, I thought just before I read your next part... Oh my goodness, that will be an interesting birthday! Yes please... definitely a post about that!

    I so agree with you about going somewhere without our modern day conveniences! We went to a cottage in Scotland, it had no TV, etc., (I know! It was only for a week, and not a year!) but I loved being away from the usual commercialised world. We used to have a caravan in the lakes too, it was soooo basic, a bit like camping, but slightly more luxurious. My sister in law could not understand why I love going there, she said I was like the man who walked in shoes 2 sizes too small for him, just so he could appreciate taking them off! Well that is what I liked about it, back to basics, as far as it was possible. I appreciated my home when I got back, but I loved going there!

    Anyway! I have waffled on and on... sorry!

    Have a great weekend Valerie! Love to you. Suzie xxx

  2. That sure was interesting. I am a camo nut too. I used to wear camouflage pants back in high school...... wwwaayyyyyy back, in the 80's before camo was popular. I just love it.

    Living for a year w/o the conveniences of modern day life, that is my dream. I wonder if a year is long enough??? "Island Dream Life".

    And last but not least.... HULA PIE.
    Brighton LOVES Hula Pie!! (and camo)

    Check this out: