Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great Finds: Vintage AND Cheap!

I know I can always find good vintage treasure at an antique store, but I am excited the most by the great things to be found at places such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and St. Vincent DePaul's.

When I first started thrifting in the 80’s, it was easy to find really great stuff at places like the three I mentioned above—but now not so much. Back then the sorts of items I like to buy were still considered just “used” and therefore plentiful and bought because they were cheaper than new. Now the same type of items are considered collectible, and rarely show up in these stores .

But every once in a while a real gem appears! Here I’ve shown 6 lucky finds that cost two dollars or less…and here’s hoping for many more in the future!

good 3

Gold resin candle holders. Who needs candles?

good scotty dog

Scotty dog perpetual calendar-from the forties perhaps? This little pup is very well behaved..but if Willow got a hold of it she'd chew it right up!

good kleenex

Lucite and glitter tissue holder. What an elegant way to grab a kleenex!

drink markers

Vintage drink markers. These are so cute that what you are drinking doesn’t matter-they look good on my glass of water!


California pottery ashtray finished to look like wood. Back in it's heyday, at some swinging cocktail party, just think--8 people could use this baby at once! I also get a kick out the idea of putting a lighted cigarette on a piece of wood. Hmmm…

good vase

I love this vase, and I have no idea of its age, but it is so pretty in such an old and shabby way. I also love the combination of glass and metal. The top of it looks like a test tube--and would look great holding anything from a flower to a science experiment!

Happy hunting!!


  1. Fun finds!
    I love those gold candle holders...so unique.

    Kimberly :-)

  2. I love all of these, but good point, about a lit cigarette on wood... health and safety would never allow that these days.. spoil sports! Love the elegant tissue holder and the candle holders too! Have a smashing weekend Valerie! suzie xxx

  3. Valerie, are these things you collect for yourself? I love the vase too! Thanks for the comment on my Aunt Amanda.

  4. I love thrift shops, but I gotta be careful not to bring home too many things I don't need. Yeah, don't let Willow near the Scotty dog. I bet you are still finding cd shards in the poop !! Ha ha! She is still mad about your Hawaii trip, I think. Poor Willow.