Sunday, December 19, 2010

Almost Here!


These are special days-filled with an unusual flurry of excitement, activity- and anticipation.  These are the days before the THE DAYS.

This coming week,  flour and scissors will be flying as we do our   Christmas baking and Christmas present wrapping, and this old house of ours will be bursting at the seams as we welcome a visit from some of  the people I hold most dear to me-my parents, my sister and her husband, and my Adorable  (with a capital A)  nephew Wil.    Our old house will be alive with the kind of merry making  that big old houses were made for.

I know that when everyone arrives and this Christmas 2010 celebration has begun, the time will fly faster than Santa’s elusive reindeer.  And that when the last sugar cookie is gone, and the house is empty again, the post holiday depression will come crashing down.

So just for now, on this quiet Sunday morning, I am content to sit on the sofa, sip my coffee (and enjoy a handful of holiday M&M’s too!)  while I bask in the anticipation of what is to come. 


  1. That's part of the beauty of the season, the wonderful anticipation. Well, that and the red and green m&ms :)

    I hope you soaked up every beautiful minute of this day today, as Christmas arrives in our lives.

  2. Thanks Joanne-and the same to you:)
    (It is such a beautiful season, isn't it.)