Monday, April 25, 2011

Eye on the Pie

cherry tree

This weekend, the weather in Ellensburg was really nice.  I can say that now because it’s over and I don’t have to worry about jinxing it.  And when I say nice, that means NO WIND!   A rarity in the spring around here.

Saturday Amy said she wished we had some more fruit trees.  After taking inventory of available yard space, we decided we could definitely fit in one more tree, and two at the most.  In our back yard we already have two huge old maple trees, an old apple tree, and a young lilac-small now but getting bigger every year.   So we headed to the local nursery and picked out one new tree, a little cherry tree. 

I know that planting a tree represents hope for the future, and we feel that-looking at the tiny sapling as it stands in the shadow of the mighty maples that were once just tiny saplings too.

But mainly…we are looking forward to those future cherry pies!


  1. Good luck with your tree! We have 2 wonderful apple trees. One year we tried to plant 2 more, but moles ate the roots (ggrrrr!)

  2. There's something so special about planting a tree. Yes, it's all about hope, and creating beauty in our own little corners of the world. Wishing you many seasons of beautiful blossoms, and sweet cherry pies :)

  3. Lisa, I agree! Moles are nasty! We had them last year but I think our dog Willow scared them away. I was afraid they were going to kill my rhubarb.

    Thanks Joanne! I hope we get enough cherries for one pie this year-even a tiny pie:)

  4. Yum! Wish we had the yard to grow fruit trees!

  5. If this tree is a success, I'll send you a pie:)

  6. I love that Amy noticed the need. Interesting a teen in such things is often considered miraculous I think! I'm happy for you that there was good weather around your parts. It's raining again here.

  7. I would love to plant a tree. I will have my first backyard when we move late Summer. I can't believe it has taken me this long.

    PS She is adorable.

  8. Thanks Kim! Thanks for saying that about Amy-I tried hard to raise her to be that way. She isn't the stereotypical teen, and I'm glad she has friends who share her types of interests too. Here's wishing you blue and sunny skies:)

    Soon Tina! You will love having your own back yard, and the good thing about planting trees, or flowers or whatever-it's never too late to start:) Thanks for the PS too-I agree!