Monday, April 11, 2011

Old, and New

This past Friday, I visited a favorite shop of mine-a second hand store I’ve been frequenting  for 10 years now.  Unfortunately, they are going out of business. Everything was 75% off, but as  I only had about 5 minutes,  I took a quick look around and told myself I’d come back the next day and spend more time.  I saw a cute blue vase-that I didn't really need, but decided that if it was still there the next day, I’d get it.

On Saturday, I could hardly believe what the sign on the door said.   I had to ask the owner to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me.  Yes indeed, everything was free!  The little blue vase was gone, but I found some other great treasures, including this plate-a piece in the Desert Pine pattern by Primrose China Company (I see a new collection starting.)


Some of my other treasures included an old school lunch tray from 1966, a vintage 50’s  Hawaiian shirt, a couple of pink vases, and some vintage upholstery fabric.  Everything added up to $150 worth of free stuff.  Not bad.  And just imagine  if I’d only gotten there a bit earlier in the day…

Yesterday morning, Amy, Stuart, Kona and I headed towards Vantage Washington where we hiked through the sagebrush for a couple of hours.  When we first moved to Eastern Washington I thought this particular landscape was so severe and harsh.  It took me awhile to get used to it, but now I think it is absolutely gorgeous.


As we walked, here and there we saw bits of petrified wood. It’s hard to believe that this was once a tree.  Over many, many years, the wood has been replaced by minerals leaving the structure of the original tree intact.  Pretty cool!

petrified wood

In the afternoon, I spent some time in my garden.  It’s slowly coming to life after the long winter.  The tulips and grape hyacinths are blooming, and I love them!  Pretty soon,when all danger of frost is gone, I’ll be able to remove the protective blanket of dry leaves, and then my garden will really come to life.

tulips and hyacinths   garden

Here’s hoping all of you have a wonderful week!


  1. Everything was free?!? Wish I'd been there - now that's a sale! Sorry your fav store is closing down though :-(

  2. When I saw the sign that said free, I got a little dizzy with excitement. And then it didn't seem possible and so I had to ask:)

  3. How incredible to get such great swag at the closing shop! I did an antique'ing run yesterday, too -- I'm THRILLED with my finds, including a bookshelf that's really skinny and taller than I am for $20. I may have done a little happy dance.

  4. Sorry that the shop was closing, but you found some great vintage things in the process.

    I'm a walker, and that sagebrush area looks like a great place for a hike. I've never been to the west coast though ... Maybe some day, and I'll explore it on foot :)

  5. Jaclyn-your bookshelf sounds pretty cool! don't you just love the thrill of the hunt!! After I got over my initial shock of everything being free, I did a happy dance too:)

    Joanne-I know you would love walking around here-and I know I would love walking in your neck of the woods too:)

  6. That would have been better than finding a hundred dollar bill!!! I love the plate. Too bad about one of your fave places closing though!

    We walked yesterday as well and I tried to look really hard at finding beauty in the worn-out, washed out dry looking scrub around here.

  7. I agree Kim! Having everything be free was like my idea of heaven! I will miss the store-they always had the best vintage stuff and played Frank Sinatra and other great old music. You could hear it from the sidewalk and it was like a siren call to come inside...

    Spring will be here soon-and more color:)

  8. What a deal! I enjoy hearing about your garden and your hikes. So ready for Spring.

  9. Me too, Tina. Me too. Spring can't get here fast enough:)

  10. There's not much better in this world than "vintage" and "free"!!! Very, very awesome that you were able to get those things. And your walk sounds lovely. I think I may take a walk tonight myself!

  11. My definition of heaven is "Free Vintage" and everything will be a great find, too!