Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Love

First love.  They say you never forget it.  For his sake, I hope he has.

Robin.  With his wavy blond hair and thick black glasses.  He sat in the desk behind me.  I guess there was something about my brown pixie cut and blue cat eyed frames that made his heart go pitter patter.

He would pass me notes-several a day.  They always said the same thing.  Do you love me?  Yes or No.  Please check one of the boxes.  And every day I would stick them inside my desk and pretend I hadn’t gotten them.

Maybe it was persistence on his part, or maybe it was curiosity on mine, but whatever it was, one day I boldly checked the box next to Yes and passed the note back.   I could tell Robin was elated.  At recess, he shyly held my hand.  And a few days later, he  presented me with a couple of presents.  A Hot Wheels car, and a gold heart on a chain.  With a pearl in the center.  Poor Robin.  If he had only just given me the car.  I wasn’t so sure about this love business.

Robin had a friend.  Brian.  Brian sat next to me.  He had dark brown hair, freckles, and 20/20 vision as far as I could tell.  He started passing me notes-making his bid to “steal me away.”  His notes were direct.  To the point.  Kiss Here.  A wet spot on the paper, circled in pencil.

I guess I kind of liked that caveman approach.  I lost my heart to Brian.  Poor Robin was as forgotten as that necklace he’d given me.  Even with the pearl in the center.

Third graders can be so cruel.


I’m reposting some of my favorites from this past year.  This one still makes me smile.  I sometimes wonder about poor Robin.


  1. I love this little story. It brings back memories of my own small grade school romances. I had cat's eye glasses, a new pair every year in fact!

  2. A story that deserves reposting! Love the Hot Wheels car gift. You could go a long way with that...

  3. Ah...I remember those notes and those days. One of my love notes where I had checked, "Yes, I do love you" found its way into my fourth grade teacher's hands. I still remember him reading it in the lunch line. I couldn't eat lunch that day since I was sick to my stomach, thinking I was going to get in trouble for passing notes. He never said a word to me.

  4. Aahh the good ole days of notes. I wonder if the kids text only these days. And isn't it funny how we always fall for the cowboys Valerie-the poor Robins! What a great idea to go through your archives!

  5. Mary, I truly believe it's hard for a boy to resist a gal in those cat eye's:) I think I sat on mine eventually-and unfortunately:)

    Lisa-I thought the Hot Wheels was pretty cool. I guess I should have appreciated Robin more. I still wonder if his mom took him shopping to buy me those presents-and that thought breaks my heart a little:)

    Melissa-you poor dear! What a wise teacher to let it go without saying anything. You are like me in that you sort of punished yourself with your upset tummy:)

    Kim-texting wouldn't be the same, would it! I still clearly remember the wet spit covered spot on that paper;) And I still can't believe how much I wrote this year-for someone who never considered herself to be a writer!

  6. I love that the necklace was too much - I totally get that.

    And guys like Brian always win ;)

  7. Happy New Year's Cam! I appreciate you more than you can every know:) Have a wonderful 2012!!