Wednesday, December 14, 2011



For almost a week now, it has been really cold and foggy here.  While it’s hard to be outside for more than a few minutes-unless I bundle myself up beyond recognition-the heavy coating of frost really is  gorgeous! 



An evergreen shrub looks like someone sprayed flocking on it.


There is so much frost on the sidewalks you can actually see footprints in it!


Trees look magical…


The wreath on my front door, and the frosty screen.

Winter Garden

Not a good day to sit in the back garden, even if it does look like a winter wonderland.

 Snow Kona

There is however, one dear creature who doesn’t seem to mind the cold!  Poor Kona’s ball was frozen too!

Vintage Planter

This is a vintage planter I got a few weeks ago when I was out thrifting.  It cost just $3.50, and as I carried it around the store, several envious shoppers came up to me to admire it.  The funny thing is, I’d had a run of unsuccessful thrifting luck, and so I sent myself an email, wishing myself to find some great treasures.

Dear Valerie, Have fun at the thrift stores today!  I hope you find some great stuff!  Love, Valerie

I sent as a joke, but you know, it really worked! ;)

And lastly today, I want all of you to know how much I love that you visit me here at my blog.  Life can get a little hectic and stressful at times, and you are always welcome to come here and escape for awhile.

Besides, I think there might be a little something for you under the tree…

seamed stockings

Have a great day!


  1. Hm, I think your cute flamingo needs a warm scarf! Scenes like these are so pretty, Mother Nature is really the best artist, isn't she. Especially this festive time of year, when she adds that sparkle to everything.

  2. Lovely pictures, lovely scenes, your blog is a breath of nostalgia and good feelings!

  3. Joanne-I do love that sparkle! It even helps me not mind the cold so much:)

    Mary-Thanks! That the nicest compliment I could receive!

  4. I love all that frost! We are having lots of rain here. I would rather it be snow! But all our snow has pretty much melted, which makes me sad...

    Your house looks so charming and cozy. Love it!

  5. Oh, your planter is cute! And the frost is gorgeous - even if I don't like the cold.

  6. Wow it is frosty.
    Love the look on the doggys face. :)
    I too enjoy all your sweet comments.
    You have a truly unique blog.

  7. Beautiful pictures, and your wreath is so pretty! Congratulations on your thrifting find-you should email yourself more often! :)

  8. Love your frost!

    And the flamingo, One of my older, faded ones is staked out in the empty garden plot, waiting for the first appreciable snowfall.

  9. Melissa-may your rain turn to snow in time for a white Christmas:)

    Lisa-try the email technique before your next thrift outing. It works!

    Ms. Givens-thanks for that:) And Kona wanted to play ball so bad-but it was just too cold:(

    Crystal-I think I will email myself more often:) I've had that wreath forever, and it was looking tired this year. The frost really helped to make it merry again:)

    Cam-I have an old pair of flamingos laying under the remnant of my rhubarb plant. I named them Romeo and Juliette;)

  10. Snow can be so gorgeous! I love seeing photos of it, but I must admit I hate being out in it all all! :(

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  11. I know what you mean Aya! Too often the snow melts and then freezes here, causing sidewalks to turn into skating rinks-and I hate the idea of falling down!

    Thanks for stopping by:)

  12. It is SOOO BEAUTIFUL, but the cold and I just DO NOT agree. I am glad I could experience a bit of it through your pictures, though. Thanks for sharing. Glad your thrift store day was rewarding. Isn't that the best when you find something really neat for a great price?

    Happy Holidays! Keep warm.

  13. It seems the older I get, the less I can tolerate the cold. (Not that I'm ancient LOL!)

    I think thrifting in Hawaii would be just about perfect:)

  14. The photo of that wreath is striking. Makes me want a hot cup of cocoa.

  15. Tina-cocoa sounds good, or perhaps one of those hot buttered rums you were talking about:)

  16. I am envious of that planter!!! And I laughed at that last picture. The snow is beautiful to look at - from the front window. I love the beautiful colours in your wreath.

  17. Thanks Kim! And I wonder why someone took a picture of that poor woman when she was in such a compromising position:)