Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
It’s hard to believe that the time has come to write to you again!  I can clearly remember last Christmas-it seems like it was only yesterday-and not nearly 12 months ago. Anyway, my wish list for this year is pretty much the same as it was last year.

For starters-I wish I could sing like Celine Dion.  Anytime, anywhere, I could belt out a song at the top of my lungs.  And I’d sound amazing!  But I guess my voice is adequate-since it  always worked perfectly well for  singing Amy to sleep when she was little…

So instead of a voice that could break  windows, I’d like to be so smart that there wouldn’t be an equation anywhere that I couldn't solve, or a subject I couldn't converse on with ease…But, I’ve always been able to figure out how to make a Halloween costume from a table cloth, or reason away the fears that come after a nightmare, or answer the usual WHY’s or HOW COME’s  asked  in the course of a day.

So maybe I’d be super energetic.  I could clean all day, walk both dogs 10 or 15 miles, remodel the house… and still not be  tired.  If the truth be told though, I’ve done fine with the energy I have.  My house is mostly clean, the dogs get adequate exercise, and I’ve managed to do a home improvement project or two.  And I still have enough energy at the end of the day to do a quick load of emergency laundry or proof read an English paper.

No. What I’d really like is to be fearless and brave all the time, with the ability to face any situation without batting an eye.   Do things like stand up for myself,  tell people off (when necessary), save small puppies from burning buildings...   But in reality I’m not a lion-I’m a mouse--so instead of being the type to slay wild beasts with one swipe of my paw, I’m the type that sits in your pocket.  And when you are scared, or hurt, or lonely, or sad-all you have to do is reach into your pocket, and I am there.

So this Christmas, Santa,  what  I really want  is that you put me in the pockets of those who need me the most…just the way I am.

This post was inspired by a previous Mama Kat’s writer’s prompt-An Open Letter to Santa.
Artwork by Ralph Hulett


  1. What a lovely letter Valerie! That is the best wish - to be of service to others. My husband and I were talking about Christmas and how we only feel the spirit when we help someone who needs it.

  2. Thanks Kim! My family and I feel the same way too:)