Sunday, November 28, 2010


The weather on the East side of the mountains here in Washington State has taken a decidedly cold turn, and so I had to get out the heavy comforter-and I remembered this…

The first spring after Amy was born, we were living in Western New York-where winter can last into May.  (We had snow on Mother’s Day one year!)  Our bedding was inadequate- we had recently moved from milder Corvallis Oregon-and so we decided to get a something warmer.  We went to the one and only department store for miles around and we picked out a beautiful blue and green plaid flannel comforter.

We took it home and put it on the bed-and it looked great.  Later in the day we were also expecting a visit from my husband’s sister.  As we sat on the bed, admiring Amy and the new comforter-we decided that a walk would be in order before Cindy arrived.  We bundled Amy up and put her in her stroller and went out into the brisk winter air.  After a quick trip around the neighborhood-we called it good and went home.  As we were unwrapping Amy-my heart literally stopped.  Amy’s head was blue!  I felt like I'd been hit by lightening!  Fearing she had hypothermia, or frost bite, I called the hospital.  ( 15 miles away over icy snowy roads.)  They were very alarmed and concerned as well-and gave us instructions for warming her up and monitoring her body temperature.  (Normal.)

Enter Cindy-in the midst of this crisis.  We explained what was happening-and I’m sure she was a bit unsettled at having arrived in the middle of such an emergency.  I don’t remember exactly what we did other that bundle Amy up and take her temperature every few minutes. (Normal, normal, and normal again.)  And wait.
After awhile-Amy still appeared to be ok.  She didn’t seem to be in any pain or discomfort and seemed like a typical happy baby.  We were mystified.

We didn’t get an explanation of what had happened until the next day-when I made the bed.  After smoothing the new comforter into place-I saw my hands.  Yes-they were blue!

The funny thing-is that Cindy brought Amy a cute knitted hat that resembled a blueberry.  We still have that hat too-but the comforter?  We couldn’t get rid of it fast enough!


  1. I can just imagine how worried you must have been as new parents. I know with Deaglan, almost every little thing sent me to the emergency room. If he had been blue I might have gone to even more drastic measures.

  2. It's always something isn't it! When Amy got a little older I had to call the Poison Control hot-line a couple of times. I think kids are the reason hair color was invented-to cover all the gray hairs we get from stress, worry and shear panic! :)