Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Finds

I go to Goodwill every Friday.  There are several antique stores in town, and they are stocked to the gills with good stuff-stuff that is hand selected  for its vintage appeal.  But I prefer hunting through the more modern discards of people’s personal property.  It’s challenging, it’s cheaper, and the thrill of hitting real pay dirt (a  relative concept, as my husband likes to point out!) is so much more rewarding.

Here is this week’s loot:


A  California pottery covered dish-$1.99.

A lava lamp style bottle filled with a glitter infused liquid. ( It looks neat when shaken!)  Also $1.99.


A 50’s or 60’s era Hawaiian shirt (made in California.)  Granted, I wouldn’t actually wear this shirt-not even in the dark, but I envision a little bamboo handled bag that would be a hit at any luau.  $3.99.

I enjoy these outings-all the more because I am supporting a good cause when I shop Goodwill.   And you just never know, when you get there, what may have your name on it…


  1. Love, love, love Goodwill! I've found incredible stuff - including a huge old oak desk and a Native American drum which go perfect in our log home.
    Tomorrow I'm doing a review on something that I suspect you'd be interested in, since you are a fellow old photo fanatic. Stop by if you get a chance :-)

  2. Geometric patterns are very "in" this season. I guess they also call it color-blocking. So your Hawaiian shirt turned handbag will be very much in-vogue :)

  3. Thanks Joanne-I am trying to not feel guilty over cutting up a perfectly good shirt-but I think a bag will be a cute improvement:)

  4. I love goodwill too!! In fact I stealed away for a few minutes this week and found some good stuff too!!! Love your loot and I think it's all in the eye of the shopper...if you can see the potential (love the bag idea for that shirt), then you can find lots of wonderful stuff. Shaune keeps raising an eyebrow at my growing inventory - he's mentioned the word hoarder. I reminded him that I do projects with all the stuff I find.

  5. Stuart does a lot of eyebrow raising too-so I can relate to that! I figure what I don't end up needing or finding a use for I can re-donatate and goodwill makes more money. I often think I am a hoarder too Kim-glad to be in the same company as you:)

  6. Great finds.. California Pottery in Pink.. Wow... super find!!!

    Thrifting is my therapy!!! You just never know what you're going to find. It's like a treasure hunt!

  7. Thanks Lisa! Exactly-it is therapy isn't it!! I love the idea of not knowing what I'll find until I find it!

  8. Cool finds. I also enjoy the thrill of the hunt.