Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hula Pie


There is a dessert you can get in Hawaii that is pure frozen Hawaiian bliss. It has the unusual name of Hula Pie and is served in slices big enough for three  to easily share. 

This last visit, Stuart, Amy and I ordered Hula pie three times, and the last time we didn’t even have to pay for it!  We had lunch at an ocean side restaurant called Leilani’s and didn’t notice that the receipt could be presented at the next visit for a free slice of Hula pie.    Later in the week, we went back to Leilani’s and ordered Hula pie again-and when the server asked if we’d been there before, and we said yes-he asked if we had our receipt.  Heartbreakingly, we had to say no.  But when he brought out our Hula pie, he said it was on the house anyway.  I could have kissed him!  (But I didn’t.)

Fist concocted many years ago, legend has it that Hula Pie is known as the dessert that sailors swam ashore to Maui for. It's so much easier to get now, and it is surprisingly easy to make, too.

Here is the recipe-and trust me, this is SO SO SO good!

9" chocolate cookie crust

1 quart vanilla ice cream

1 cup chopped macadamia nuts

12 ounces hot fudge sauce

Whipped cream

Additional chopped macadamia nuts

Mix macadamia nuts into softened ice cream and fill pie crust, making sure ice cream is heaped high in the center of crust. Freeze until firm. Remove from freezer and cover with hot fudge sauce. You will need to heat the hot fudge sauce slightly to make it easy to spread. Return pie to freezer, and freeze again until firm. When ready to serve, remove from freezer and cover with whipped cream and chopped macadamia nuts.


Makes ? servings (depends on how much of the Hula pie  the pie maker is willing  to share.)

hula pie plate

( I also came back with my very own Hula pie plate.  I’m guessing you know what that means…)


  1. How is it I spent 8 days in Hawaii and missed this Hula Pie?

    We ate a ton of Malasadas from Leonard's in Honolulu, we tried the poi, and Maui onions on Maui, and fresh pineapple and shave ice... but I missed the Hula Pie!

  2. Hula pie party at your place? Wow, I don't know if I could share this treat, it looks so good. To linger with it over a cup of coffe ... divine:)

  3. Yum!!! Oh, that looks good. The perfect treat for a hot, summer day. I just got a recipe for ice cream chocolate chip cookies that I'm going to try, too - and they're not ice cream scrunched between the cookies, but you actually put ice cream in the dough! Can't wait to try those!

  4. Oh my gosh, that looks like my kind of pie. I love that hula pie plate - it's beautiful!

  5. C-I didn't discover Hula pie until my third trip to Hawaii. Hard to believe I didn't find out about it before-because I love it!

    Joanne-you bet! Everyone is invited:) I'll make lots and lots of pie!

    Melissa-I want that recipe!! Ice cream in the dough has to be good!

    Lisa-the great thing about Hula pie is that is does taste as incredible as it looks!

    Kim-when I bought the plate, the clerk asked what size I wanted! She was new, and didn't know about the plates and thought I wanted a Hula shirt-which they didn't even sell LOL!! As far as the plate-I said "As big as you've got!" :)

  6. Hey Valerie! Lucky you -- got to go to Maui. It is my favorite island. And HULA PIE! We only get two servings out of it! Hee hee!

  7. When we visit you Lisa-plan on at least 3 slices.
    Is the house next door to you for sale yet?