Monday, March 28, 2011

Maui, My Week in Paradise



While Abigail was enjoying herself to the fullest in Honolulu-sunbathing on Waikiki, mailing coconuts to her friends, sipping Mai Tai’s at Don the Beachcomber’s, and taking moonlit walks by the water with the nice sailor who helped her down from the palm tree, I had a wonderful week on Maui.  It’s hard to believe that something I looked forward to for so long is over, but I have many fond memories that will keep my heart in Hawaii now that I am back here at home.


I went to Maui with my own “to do” list:

· Hug a palm tree.

· Try a “Blue Hawaii.”

· Swim every day.

· Have Hula pie and coconut shrimp.

· Snack on macadamia nuts (especially the chocolate covered variety.)

· Buy at least one new sarong for my collection.


And above all, I wanted to enjoy the stunning beauty that is Hawaii.


Her rainbow array of tropical flowers…

copy 8


copy 7


Her majestic green mountains…



Her turquoise blue waters…




I was also eager to see what surprises the trip would bring-and this trip did not disappoint. A couple of unexpected memorable events:

copy 14copy 2

From Napili Beach-our home away from home-we were treated one afternoon to the sight of whales swimming not far away. They were slapping their fins on the water, peeking above the surface with their noses pointed skyward, and diving under the waves and showing off their massive tails. I had never seen whales in real life before- it really was amazing!

Stopping at a roadside stand to buy a fresh coconut for Amy, we met a young wood carver and bought a beautiful handmade Koa wood tiki. (I wanted a tiki, but I hadn’t found any that had been carved in Hawaii.) This young man was a true artist, and I will treasure my tiki for a long time. We also met the owner of the stand-a man by the name of Mel Witt. He is a former pro football player who played defensive end for the Boston Patriots from 1967-1970. From his stand, called “Witt’s End”, he offers wisdom, and advice. He talked my ear off with his stories and gave me a hug to boot! A wonderful man.

Now it’s time to get back to work, and back in to an ordinary daily routine-even if I don’t want to.

But remember my five dollar bill? I brought it back home again…


And stay tuned for future posts, where I will share more about my week in Maui, including more photos,  the recipe for Hula pie, how to make a Blue Hawaii, some different ways to tie a sarong…


  1. Oh the pictures are beautiful! I love that you went with a list. I once saw whales off the coast of Mexico and I will never forget it. The only word is majestic! Can't wait to hear more and see how you weave your experience into your writing!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! You're pictures are stunning! And now I'm really curious about Hula pie . . .

  3. What a great idea to go with a list ... I'm going to remember that on future ventures in my life, to really immerse myself in the journey. And the photographs look gorgeous, it sounds like you have many memories of those days ... Welcome back :)

  4. Thanks you guys! I had a wonderful time, but I really missed connecting with all of you too:)

  5. What gorgeous pictures. Sounds like quite a trip!

  6. You are back! I am on pins and needles to hear about your trip.

    My family spent some time stationed in Hawaii before I was born. It is really a part of our family history and the story of my Mother and Father.

  7. Yay! So glad you're back home and had a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  8. Thanks, all of you:)
    I need to find out how to re-acclimate to 35 degree weather after a week of 75 degree weather!
    Tina-I'd love to hear the story of your Mother and Father sometime.

  9. Coconut shrimp + Hula Pie = Pure Paradise!

    Have you ever tried the Haupia Malasadas from Leonards truck? They are AWESOME!!

  10. I've seen pictures...One more reason that Hawaii is heaven!! Next time I will have some for sure!!