Sunday, July 10, 2011


When Amy and Stuart retuned from Alaska recently, Amy had taken over 300 photographs!  Here are just a few-from glaciers to mountains, wildlife to city life, and lots of water.

And once again, I’m biased-but I think Amy has taken some pretty spectacular photographs!  

Detail of totem pole showing traditional colors.

Mendenhall Glacier in the background.

Stuart, Amy and a huge waterfall!

Glacial ice.

Another glacier!

Harbor view.

Basking sea lions.


Bald eagle.

Hump back whales.  Amy said that every time she snapped the shutter on her camera she just missed most of the whales she was trying to photograph!

Downtown Juneau.


Statue of the Alaskan brown bear-also known as the grizzly bear.  They are common around Juneau.


Pirate ship?  No, fishing boat!


A carving done directly on the trunk of a tree.


View from the tram. 

Tug boat and cargo barge.

Tree root tunnel.


From Amy’s pictures, it’s easy to see why Juneau is known as America’s most scenic state capital!

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  1. Amy has a marvelous eye for photos! Just gorgeous. Now I really want to go to Alaska. You must be happy to have them home :-)

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous photos. I especially love the up-close of the totem pole, the basking sea lions, and the tree root tunnel. Juneau looks magical.

  3. These are gorgeous pics! Juneau is somewhere I would like to visit.

  4. Lisa-Thanks! I'll tell Amy you said that:) You would love Alaska-it really is gorgeous!

    Katie-I'll tell Amy about your sweet comment too:) She sure found a lot of interesting things to take pictures of!

    Kim-Thank you, from Amy:) Alaska is really, really gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful photos! Amy has a great photographers eye!

  6. Courtney-Amy appreciates that so much!

  7. What a beautiful part of the country! I would love to visit Alaska one day. And I agree with the others that your daughter has a great eye for photography ... She really captured the essence of the place through the lens.

  8. I hope you get to visit Alaska, Joanne-you would love seeing it though the lens of your own camera-it is truly a beautiful place. And thanks for your comment about Amy too-she appreciates it very much:)

  9. I think you are right. She does have a creative eye. #15 is my fav.

  10. Thanks Tina-from Amy:) 15 is a good one-it's like the quintessential Alaska photograph. It was hard for me to choose so few from the 300 that Amy took-they were all so good.

  11. Amy does have a great eye, not just for noticing detail but for capturing it.
    After Hawaii, Alaska is a trip I'd love to take.
    Of course if I hit a lottery win, Australia is on that list.

  12. Oh my goodness Valerie. Amy needs to get herself a blog and showcase her photography. These pictures are stunning. I love the totem pole and LOVE, LOVE the whale shots.

  13. Thank you both! Amy really is gifted! Dogsmom-you would love Hawaii!! And Australia is on my list too. And Kim-I appreciate your comments-because it's true. Amy should have her own blog:)

  14. Gorgeous shots! She can put these in her portfolio! ;-)

  15. That's not a bad idea, because she does have to do a senior project in three years and I keep telling her to do something with photography. Thanks Melissa!

  16. Mahalo for sharing all your beautiful photos with us, Amy. Alaska looks like an AWESOME place. Cold - but awesome!! :O) ALoha!

  17. Lisa-Amy says mahalo to you:) You would love Alaska!