Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spell it Out

There is something a little magical about  pancakes.

Maybe  it’s the melted butter and syrup that  we drench them in.  Maybe-in my case, it’s the handful of chocolate chips I sometimes toss on top of each circular pool of batter after I’ve poured it in the pan. Maybe it’s the memories.

I remember as a kid relishing the tall stack of “silver dollar” pancakes my mom made.  Somehow hotcakes that were the size of large coins tasted better than anything I’d ever had. (Even as an adult I still consider “silver dollar” pancakes to be a special treat, even though a dollar isn’t worth as much today as it was then.)

So this morning as I was flipping through Amy’s old, well used copy of Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cook Book (1957),  I came across this recipe, for “Branded Pancakes”. 

How fun!  And though making these pancakes might be slightly on the labor intensive side, imagine the possibilities that exist when you send a message via a pancake.  For your school aged son or daughter, how about-

D O    Y O U R    H O M E W O R K 

Or for your husband-

B U Y   M E   F L O W E R S 

My advice though-just make sure you are the only one doing the cooking. I don’t think 

I R O N   M Y   S H I R T 

would taste very good first thing in the morning.

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  1. I don't think I could muster up that much energy to put into breakfast, but it could definitely be a lunch thing for me! :-)

  2. Good morning Lisa! These would be great for lunch-and depending on the length of the message it might take until lunch time to get them done;)

  3. Fantastic!!!

    It is "Always" pancakes on Sunday morning at my folks... and I couldn't imagine it any other way..♥

  4. I make pancakes all the time...even for dinner occassionally.
    I've done them with smiley faces before, but love the initials! I'll have to do that the next time. :-)


  5. I agree Lisa! And how fun you have Sunday pancakes with your folks! What a wonderful tradition!

    Kimberly-I make pancakes for dinner too sometimes-they just hit the spot when nothing else sounds good or is as easy to make. I'm going to try the initial pancakes myself:)

  6. My mom used to making pancacke faces for us three kids. Other times she would make Mickey Mouse! :-)

    I LOVE pancakes drenched in butter and syrup. I don't eat them very often, and I suppose that's a good thing!

  7. Melissa-I think my mom used to make pancake faces-another fun memory! I LOVE pancakes drenched in butter and syrup too-but I try not to have them very often either:)

  8. A chip off the block - AMy, collecting vintage cookbooks! I like the smaller pancakes as well. ANd they certainly are more popular with my crowd than regular ones. Especially when you call them "silver dollar" pancakes. Oh the questions I get:)

  9. Kim-I think Amy has such potential with her cooking. Her idol is Julia Child and she has several of her books already. Those silver dollars pancakes used to seem pretty special to me-I think I need to have some again!

  10. Cute. I enjoy collecting old cookbooks and reinventing their recipes. This would be fun to do with hearts.

  11. That is a great, great idea Tina! So fun for Valentine's Day too!!