Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In a Flower Bed

I came across this bumble bee early this morning while I was walking around my garden.  I love early mornings in my garden, especially if I have a nice hot cup of coffee to sip as I stroll.

This bumble bee was curled up inside this hollyhock-and at first I was afraid he might not be alive-but before too long he awoke, and dripping water droplets from last evenings watering as he flew, he began to make his morning flower rounds.

I love hollyhocks,  as they remind me of the gorgeous hibiscus I see in in Hawaii.

And I’m glad the bumble bees appreciate them too.


  1. Your flowers are so gorgeous!! Sadly, it became too hot here for the flowers I had left. :-(

  2. I'm sorry about your flowers Lisa! it's been a challenging summer for gardening:(

  3. There are a lot of holly hocks blooming right now - they are just huge and so, so gorgeous.

    When I was young, my mom taught me how to make holly hock dolls. I think I need to plant some for next year just so I can make some!

  4. Those are prettty. I see your garden is doing well.

    Missed you while I was on blog break!

  5. Your garden is so BEAUTIFUL. I love the image of you strolling through with your coffee and loving it all.

  6. Thanks Tina-and I missed you too:)

    Kim-would you like to come over and have a cup with me? :)

  7. Melissa-my mom knows how to make those dolls! I'll have her show me again:)