Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dig In!

Kona shake II

Last Sunday my mom, dad, sister and niece came to visit for the day.  It was warm by the afternoon, and so we cooled off with milkshakes.  Kona kept herself busy for quite a while licking out one of the empty cups.   Normally I’d think that a dog would panic having a cup stuck on its nose, but not Kona. She was much too busy licking to notice.

On a sad note, my precious father is under the weather and in the hospital today.  He wasn’t feeling that great on Sunday, and this morning was very ill.  I wish a milkshake could make him all better, but I think it will take some stronger medicine this time.  Get well soon Dad:)


  1. Love a dog stuck in a milkshake cup.
    And prayers and good thoughts your father's way.

  2. The dog is cute! :) I hope your father gets well soon!

  3. Love your dog!

    So sorry to hear about your dad - I hope that he starts feeling better and is soon able to go home!

  4. Cameron, Liz, and Lisa,
    Thanks for your good wishes you guys! Kona would like more milkshake:)

  5. Just IMAGINE what she would do with a Hula Pie!!

    Sending your dad much Aloha. Hope he is feeling better REAL SOON.

  6. I can see it now Lisa! I don't think Kona would share with anyone either!

    Thanks for your good wished for my dad too-I'll pass them along to him. Every time they visit he admires your paintings:)

  7. I miss that about having a dog. The simplest things give them pleasure. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, Valerie. I hope they help him at the hospital. I got tears reading your comment on my post. Thank you.

  8. I know-they can lick out an old cup for hours, and then have fun chewing it up!

    Thanks for your concern for my dad, and it's always an honor to visit your blog and learn more about you, my friend:)