Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting it Right


I’ve been spending the past few days doing something I should have done a long time ago-getting serious about my Etsy shop photos.  For the Love of Pete has been in existence for almost four years now, and up until this point I haven’t put that much work into my pictures.  In my own defense, it hasn’t been for lack of wanting to, but I was just so intimidated by the whole idea.

And then last week, I got the shoes.  I knew they would make an excellent photo prop, but there was a catch.  I was the only one able to wear them-they are too big for Amy, plus she has a pretty hard class schedule this year. With lots of homework every night,  she simply doesn’t have the time to help me.  I had one alternative.  Learn to use the automatic timer on my camera and take pictures of myself, and while I was at it, learn to master some lighting techniques too.  As you can tell in the above photo-I found out that I have to hold perfectly still in order to get a clear image.  After setting the timer and getting into place many, many times, my legs got tired from wearing the shoes, but I kept at it, and I now have several good photos in my shop.


I also decided to experiment with different backgrounds for some of my other pictures, opting for colorful and bold instead of white.  (First I even tried a piece of plywood for my background, but that didn’t look so good!) 

So what’s my point in all of this?  Too many times I think we all tend to believe that we can’t learn to do something new.  We sell ourselves short and give up before we even begin.  But we can!  I like to think my pictures prove that.

Is there something new you’ve found the courage to try?  Something that seemed overwhelming, but you gave it a shot anyway?  I’d like to hear about it.


P.S.  I’m proud to be using my dad’s old footlocker from his Navy days, too!


  1. Oh, those shoes!

    They're divine! And the pictures are adorable! Good for you!

  2. As a matter of fact, I'm in the middle of a new literary venture. It's all very new to me, and there's lots to learn ... I'll be sharing more on the blog in the near future :)

    P.S. Great photos, and those are some snazzy shoes! Hope they lead to many sales!

  3. Those shoes rock! Great job!

    I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong on triberr (a thing that uses twitter) that other day. I finally got it right. It took some research though!

  4. Love the shoes & the self portrait!!!

    Photos are the trickiest thing with Etsy .. I do agree. And so important. Marvelous job!!!

  5. Hey, nice gams.

    The photos are fantastic. Love the vibrant colors.

    I finally bought a decent camera and hope to be a better photo poster. My past ones have been pretty sad.

    I happened to stumble into a small town store the other day that personalized handmade bags and fabric accessories. *It made me think of you.* It was just one lady with a sewing machine and a dream--and doing pretty well in a small town market. I bought a simple towel wrap (a cross between a robe and a towel) and had her put a stitched heart on it--you know, to remind my Hubs how lovable I am.

  6. Oh man, those shoes are amazing! And absolutely perfect for your pictures. :-)
    I think your photos look awesome. I'm trying to improve mine, and they do look much better than ones taken 2 years ago, but lighting is still a major issue with me.


  7. Cam-thank you! I appreciate that!

    Thanks Joanne-and I'm excited to hear about your new venture! It sounds exciting:)

    Lisa-thanks!-I've never heard of that-but I'm glad you figured it out! I love figuring something out when I put my mind to it:)

    Thank you Lisa! Photos have been my weakest point for so long. Yours are gorgeous by the way!!

    Tina-sounds like a really neat little shop you found. I love places like that-nothing mass produced, but just a one person operation. The heart was a very cute touch, too:) Thanks for your comment!

    Kimberly-thanks so much! Lighting is the hardest concept for me. I've tried indoor, outdoor, artificial and now natural. I finally learned how to use my camera in the manual setting and use the white balance feature. It makes my head spin...but hopefully practice makes perfect.

  8. Stunning photos, Valerie!! And the shoes are amazing!

    Something new I found courage to try was knitting. I hate trying things and failing, it's an icky feeling. Lol. But knitting was something that always appealed to me, and thanks to the internet, I taught myself!

  9. Thank you so much Courtney! :)

    I am so impressed that you taught yourself to knit! That is an accomplishment to be very proud of because learning to knit isn't easy. (I tried to teach myself failed.) I am proud of you!! :)

  10. Thank you! That means a lot to me :)

  11. OMG! those shoes are fantastic. Your photos are really nice, just scrumptious.

  12. Amy-thank you! That is the nicest comment! And you get double points from me because my daughter's name is Amy too:)

  13. I WANT THOSE SHOES. Adorable!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, enough gushing. I think I tend to not do new things because I'm scared, too, or think I don't have enough time, blah, blah, blah. But look at the results when you DO take the plunge. Love the photos!

  14. WOW to those shoes!!!!! I love them and your legs look great in them! The photos are awesome - they really grab you. You have an eye for wonderful colour/pattern combinations!

  15. Thanks Kim! That is the nicest thing anyone could say to me! Hugs:)

  16. Thanks Melissa! I tend to not take the plunge either-I plan to, but put it off. When I saw the shoes though, I thought I'd better come up with a good reason to buy them, because it was covert at first sight!:)