Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Hide and Seek

It happens every year during the last week in October.  I go on a sort of Easter egg hunt, only it isn’t Easter, and it sure isn’t eggs I’m after.  I’m hunting for something much sweeter.  The Halloween candy.

We always buy plenty.  Much, much, more than we’ll really need for the big night.  The way I figure it, we can spare a bag or two, and certainly a few pieces at the very least.  It’s not like I’d be depriving any of the ghosts or witches who turn up on our doorstep tonight, their hard earned reward.

But still, the candy disappears.  Hidden some place where I supposedly won’t find it.  I guess I’ve shown my husband one too many times that I can’t be trusted to exercise self control. (He’s right, of course.)

brachs candy

After searching out the obvious hiding place, and a few more creative ones, I come up empty handed.  Once again, Stuart has done his job well. 

Part of me is disappointed, but another part of me is glad.  Actually finding the candy would involve some tricky decision making.  Like how much to help myself to, and whether or not to confess  my sins.

I guess I’ll just make myself wait until this evening, when the candy will reappear, and be left out in plain sight, no less.  With all the confusion of trick or treaters coming, and the doorbell ringing, and the dogs going crazy, well no one will be keeping an eye on me…

0001HalCandyAd 1940s

Happy Halloween, everyone!  And here’s wishing you endless pieces of your Halloween favorites!


  1. Hahahaha! I love that he hides the candy from you! This year, it's my turn to take our daughter around the neighborhood in what will undoubtedly be her last year of true trick or treating. Hubby gets to hand out the candy, but I didn't buy any chocolate candy this year - just candy I don't have any desire to have. ;-)

  2. That was smart of you Melissa-because I always eat too much. In past years I would get most of Amy's trick or treating loot because she isn't a big chocolate eater. Now I just have to hope that not many kids show up:)

    Happy Halloween to you!

  3. I confess to having about 10 empty candy wrappers sitting next to me right now...

  4. You go girl! I'm glad to be in such great company:)

  5. Valerie,

    I'm a terrible chocoholic, but I also like most anything sweet and so, I identify with your tale of woe.

    We have to hide the candy from both of ourselves, meaning it goes to his office the NEXT day or it gets tossed. Happy Halloween and hunting for you:~)

    p.s. thanks for your kind words about the loss of my dog:~)I still grieve a bit, but I'm better now. I can talk about her without sobbing. That's a good thing, right?

  6. Sara, all of my favorite people are chocoholics!! :)

    I'm glad you are doing better. I know some days will be more painful than others, but as time goes by, there will be more easy days than hard days-until you can look back on your memories and not cry:) Hugs, my friend, you are doing great, and Happy Halloween:)

  7. Oh you are funny, I remember you saying about searching for the goodies! I am an all or nothing, if I found it, it would all go! Just popping by and catching up with my most love bloggers! Suzie xx

  8. Hi Suzie! What a lovely surprise to see this comment! :) I'm all or nothing too-I have no self control at all! Hugs,Suzie dear:)