Monday, October 24, 2011


Yesterday we went for a long walk along a section of the “Rails to Trails.”  This particular stretch is named the John Wayne Trail, although Kona and Willow were more impressed with the attractions that were off the trail…

We were impressed with the beauty of fall.  It’s come to our valley in a big way, and the color this year is spectacular!  Please enjoy these pictures I took-





I asked this wooly caterpillar for his predictions about the severity of the coming winter, but he wasn’t talking.

So to help prepare myself, I’ve gathered two of  my favorite recent vintage finds:

It can get pretty blustery here when the winds of late autumn blow.  Even though this bottle-from either the 40’s or 50’s-is empty, I still think it will help me. At $4.00 it was too charming to resist!


And on cold and dark fall and winter nights, I can read by the glow of this pumpkin colored lamp.  A steal at $3.99!

Have you carved your jack-o-lanterns yet, or are you waiting until next weekend-like we are?


  1. What pretty pictures. It feels like fall here too.

  2. What beautiful colors! Our foliage is actually pretty dull here in New England this year. The brilliance is just not there, the leaves seem to fade from green to tan then brown :/ Some people say it's because we had a deluge of rain all summer and fall, so maybe that's it. So thanks for sharing yours with us :)

  3. Thanks Lisa! Tonight it's going to dip down into the 20's. brrrr!

    Joanne-glad you enjoyed them:) Last year our fall was a lot like the fall you guys are having this year. And out here this year, fall is just gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful pictures! You have the best luck thrifting. I'd like to have some blustery weather lotion too! :)

  5. Gorgeous. It makes me want to go on a long stroll with my camera.

    I adore your vintage finds. So cute.

  6. I wish we lived closer Crystal-we could go thrifting together! There has to be another blustery lotion bottle out there somewhere:)

    Thanks Tina-I think fall walks are the best:)

  7. Gorgeous pictures. What a landscape you live in!