Monday, November 7, 2011

Mug Shots

There is no shortage of coffee cups at my house.  When I pour that first mug of steaming heaven in the morning, I could choose one of the lovely coffee cups we’ve collected on our trips to Hawaii.  I love these mugs.  Every time I look at them I remember it all.  Palm trees, sandy beaches, tropical flowers, coconut shrimp…

Or I could use my custom For the Love of Pete mug.  It’s my choice of cup when I have coffee out with my friend Paula on Fridays.  I figure a little advertising never hurt anyone, and using this cup is so much more practical that wearing a sandwich board…

And then there are these beauties.  These cups and saucers are among the few remaining pieces of my mother’s wedding dishes.  They are classic 50’s style-and the pattern is called Caribe by Carlos Montez.  How I would love to have a whole set some day, and there is something so sophisticated about drinking coffee, or tea from a cup and saucer instead of a mug…

This however, is the mug that I search for each morning.  I can’t explain my attraction to it, other that I just seem to find it really pleasing to look at.  It’s a Fiesta ware mug in the color periwinkle.  Normally I’m a green person, and I have Fiesta mugs that are green.  I don’t know, there is just something about this mug…

So tell me.  Do you have a favorite mug that you like to  drink your morning coffee or tea out of ?  Or will any cup do, as long as it doesn’t leak?


  1. I have a big mug with a bunny painted on it for Easter that I just love. But then there are my Snoopy mugs, too. It's a toss-up! Though I only drink hot chocolate or tea in coffee for me!

    Fun post today. :-)

  2. Love that color of blue - I can see why you're drawn to it.

    My addiction comes in can format - Diet Pepsi ;-)

  3. I use the same mug daily too, one of the mugs in my Pfaltzgraf set. But in the fall and winter, I like a cup of green tea in the evenings, and like to use lighter cups, with a floral print, for those. Even the visual of a pretty mug is soothing, isn't it.

  4. Melissa-your mugs sounds so cute! :) I like to drink tea and hot chocolate from mine, too:)

    Lisa-Pepsi. I love it right out of the can too:)

    Joanne-Agreed! A pretty mug is soothing. I love Pfaltzgraf, by the way:)

  5. I love your mother's set!! I am not as committed as you but I do have a particular mug I like my tea out of. Mostly though I drink coffee in the mornings. And you're right - at that time in the morning, it is a little bit of heaven!

  6. It's funny how happy I am when the blue mug is clean, though that first sip in the morning is heavenly no matter what cup I'm using. I also like a nice cup of tea:)

    My mother's dishes were the coolest. I just wish I had more pieces of it. some day...

    Thanks for commenting, my friend:)

  7. I also look for my "coffee mug" first thing in the morning.
    I was heartsore when it broke... but I've since formed an attachment to a new one... in black/white sepia-styled finish with a pic of the Eiffel Tower...

  8. MISH,
    I can relate to how sad you were to break your favorite, but your replacement mug sounds really cool! I'm glad I have a few other mug options in case my favorite should ever meet with an accident. Thank you so much for stopping in and giving me your two cents:)