Monday, November 21, 2011

After Dinner Wisdom

fortune heart_thumb[2]

Two fortune cookies.  Two possibilities. 

Amy told me to choose first.  I debated for a second, and made my decision.  Wow, I thought.  What a meaningful and timely fortune!  I’m going to hang this little piece of paper up where I can see it every day.  Have it become my mantra of sorts, because it’s true.  To be able to follow your heart is the key to happiness, in my humble opinion.

I was distracted from these inspiring thoughts by the crack of the second cookie.

And then I read Amy’s fortune…

fortune luxury_thumb[3]


I could have  lived with that.


  1. LOL. But see, you can have them both - you'll just have to convince Amy to let you live with her when she's surrounded by luxury! ;-)

  2. Well, no doubt Amy will not forget her dear mother when she is surrounded by luxury :-)

  3. Ah, yes. But isn't it a luxury of sorts to live what you love? I think your fortunes go hand-in-hand.

  4. Ive always been taught you should follow your head so I'll take the second fortune. :)

  5. Thanks, you guys!! I wanted to write a little comment to each of you, but my fingers have had it for the day. I just hit the 43,000 word mark for NaNoWriMo:) My goal is to be done by Wednesday!

  6. Wow, I'm so proud of you Valerie! I just read your last comment and I have to tell you, I didn't have the energy to do it this year. What an accomplishment. I love the post too. I agree with one of the other commenters, you'll just have to request the basement apartment in Amy's mansion.

  7. Thanks for your encouragement Kim! It means a lot! I love the idea of living in Amy's mansion someday too:)