Monday, February 20, 2012

I Love Your Funny Face

The HelperIt’s curious how inspiration strikes.  You just never know where it will come from.  I didn't have a blog post idea for today, until Kona decided to help me out.

I was cleaning up the sewing room this morning, and I had a visitor.  Now Kona is not allowed in the sewing room.  Dog hair and barkcloth don’t mix well.  Try telling her that, though.  So I bought a beaded curtain for the doorway several months ago.  I was hoping that the swinging strands of beads would deter our four legged family member from crossing over the threshold.  Not so.  Stage one.  Howls of displeasure.  And then, stage two.  A furry face peeking in with eyes tightly closed. (Perhaps, she thought that if she didn’t look at the beads, they did not really exist.)  Soon, after being thwarted for weeks, she finally gathered her courage and moved on to stage three, bursting through the curtain one day. After that, I had to start stacking up boxes to keep her out.

Today Kona busted through the bead and box barricade.  She was determined to show me she belonged in the sewing room.  I watched her for a minute, as she picked up stray bits of fabric off the floor, and I decided to be lenient with her.  Let her stay. And then she got a piece of polka dotted cotton stuck in her teeth. 

I think the picture says it all. 

Thanks, dear Kona.  I owe you one.


  1. She is so cute. Dogs are so funny!

  2. She's always so cute! She sure helped out today ;-)

  3. "Bark" cloth takes on a whole new meaning with that photograph! She's your loyal sidekick, isn't she ...

  4. They are Ms.G.-and they don't even know they are being funny either!

    Lisa-she will want to help out again I have a feeling. I may need to board the room up now ;)

    Joanne-I like that! Bark cloth! She is a loyal sidekick:)

  5. That's a great story and cute picture. Dogs are so courageous!

    However, I don't think it was the sewing room that made Kona so determined; I think it was to be with you.

    Kona dared to conquer her monsters. She took them on one at a time with the bravery that only a dog possesses -- that willingness to step through fear to be with the one she loves.

    It makes me miss my own dog.

  6. So cute! I love Kona's face and expression. How can you resist? Well, I guess you can't.

    Our cats are like that. If a door is shut, they cry, put the paws under the door, try to break in. If the door is open a crack, they try to squeeze in. I even had a cat who threw herself against the door, over and over again.

  7. She's just practicing good oral hygiene. Flossing with polka dotted cloth in Mom's sewing room should be done daily! That face cracks me up! And hey, Val, you are SO creative, I am sure you could come up with a new "Furry Barkcloth Clutch" that people would pay extra for. The "Kona Hair Deluxe".... o.k., maybe not, but it would make Kona very happy!


  8. Oh, how I love her expression. She just wants to be by you and was determined to overcome all obstacles!

  9. Blond Duck-thanks! :)

    Sara-You are so right! Kona seems to be a fearful pup, so doing what she did was a big step. I think the beaded curtain really scares her, but wanting to be close was a more powerful need for her. I'm still so sorry about your dog-that is tough! Hugs, my friend:)

    Mary-Your cats are such characters! I can just see your little cutie who flung herself against the door over and over! The paws under the door are like the nose peeking in. We are lucky to have our four legged friends aren't we!

    Lisa-the vet did say Kona has exceptional teeth! :) The furry clutch is a great idea too. Kona has volunteered the fur, and I think I have some of those wiggly eyes! That would be so hilarious!

    Melissa-thanks! I sometimes wish I had Kona's determination too:)

  10. She gives a whole new meaning to "Kona Cotton" Lol! She is such a pretty dog! I try to keep Lucy out of my sewing room too..she CHEWS things..but usually, it is just a thread..or a little string that she is after:) Looks like you may have a new PARTNER in the craft studio:)

  11. Kona cotton! I love that! And I think you might be right-Kona "seams" to be right at home in my studio now:)