Friday, February 10, 2012

Pet Smarts

kona 2_thumb[2]

Kona, our Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix, is one clever cookie.  Not too surprising, since both breeds are known for their intelligence.  But still, she amazes us.  Last fall we walked her over to the high school to play Frisbee, and an errant toss-probably by me-sent her beloved rubber saucer over the fence into the baseball field.  She could see her Frisbee, inside the fence, about 4 feet from where she stood, but she knew she could not retrieve it.

To access the baseball field, you have to go through a maze of other fields and fences, which we did.  And Kona, once inside the baseball field, ran straight over to her Frisbee.  We were  stunned! How did she remember where to find it, or even remember she had lost it?   She did not  hesitate or even search.  She just knew exactly where her Frisbee was.

Snow Kona_thumb[2]

So yes, we  knew she was bright.  But last night Kona proved that she is a genius.  Stuart has been helping me build my web page. It is unchartered water for us both.   We were simultaneously watching a Photoshop tutorial, and trying to put into practice what the tutorial was demonstrating.  Success was one step away, but frustratingly, we could not figure out what “tool” the narrator was selecting to achieve what he was demonstrating.

Kona, playing the part of the uninterested onlooker, lay next to where we were working, probably hoping we would give up and take her for a walk.  Suddenly, she jumped up and put a paw on the keyboard.  Like magic, the correct tool appeared!  “Kona!” we exclaimed.  “How did you do that?”

Yes, Kona is one clever cookie.  If only we could  teach her to talk.

Now it’s your turn to brag.  Tell me what makes your own pet exceptional!



  1. I'm sure she couldn't resist helping out, after watching us silly humans fumble around. Photoshop is the pits - I have it and can't figure out a thing with it.

    She's a beautiful dog, Valerie!

  2. Lisa, Thanks, and I agree! Photoshop is confusing, and the tutorials are hard to follow. I think Kona understands Photoshop better than anyone, but unfortunately she not much help either:)

  3. We don't have dogs now. Boojie, our younger cat is hunter smart. She lies in wait for poor old Dizzy, our older male. He is definitely NOT smart. Boojie knows immediately when Dizzy is around and stalks him. She loves to sneak around and then suddenly pounce on him. However, cats are not as smart as dogs.

    One of my daughters has a border collie/chocolate lab mix. He is a loving and patient dog. He looks like a huge border collie in the face, with the markings. He also herds. My other daughter has a miniature Australian shepherd. He is hyper, probably because he was a puppy around their darling but hyper Jack Russell. He acts like a Jack Russell too! Smart--these two aren't particularly so, but the Jack Russell, Greta, was amazing!

  4. Mary, I love how they all have their distinct personalities! Boojie and Dizzy-what a pair!

  5. I'm in love; she's beautiful :) And brains and beauty? Woohoo!

    My cats are smart. At least I think so. Sushi, our "middle" cat, constantly finds new ways to make noise and get our attention. For the longest time, she used her paws to rattle and bang on our interior doors. Well, we fixed that with socks in the doors, and more permanently, my husband recently put weather stripping on all our doors, making it impossible for Sushi to create that particular noise. Not to be deterred, she next set her sights on our window shades. She bats at the shades, pulls them back from the window, generally causes an unneccessary ruckus, until we get tired of hearing it and give her a little attention.

    At night, we've started leaving the shades open. This keeps her from wreaking her havoc.

    But our relative peace didn't last long.

    Sushi's not discovered that if she bats at and rattles the wires to our alarm clock and TV, she creates a very satisfactory Mommy/Daddy disturbing noise.

    The cat may not be smart, but she's definitely determined. Ugh.

    Great post!

  6. seems like you have the best of both breeds!!! we were just watching a pbs about dogs... they spotlighted a border collie that recognized over 300 words.. she was amazing!

    have fun!!!

  7. Katie-Sushi sounds like quite the character!

    Lisa-I heard about that dog too! I'd better start tutoring Kona;)

  8. Oh Kona is a genius!!! I love hearing about the amazing things pets can do. Our beloved dog Judge now gone for almost five years was a genius at opening our fridge. Eventually Shaune had to rig bungy cords around the fridge so that all the contents wouldn't be gone when we got home from work. Not surprisingly he had diabetes by the end of his very well fed life. There were even times when I'd go into the fridge to get a slice of pizza from the box we'd ordered the night before to find the box still perfectly placed in the fridge but the pizza gone!