Thursday, February 16, 2012

New at Snapshot Sailors

navy jumper

I was lucky to find this vintage sailor jumper last week-the perfect prop for showcasing my barkcloth bags.  It was reasonably priced, and in perfect condition, too! 

I’m also excited to introduce these cute little zipper pouches.   I’ve taken actual vintage photographs, copied them onto printable fabric, and then sewn them onto vintage barkcloth. 



I add some vintage buttons…



And a fun anchor zipper pull.  The perfect finishing touches.

I love sewing these zipper pouches!  It’s hard to go wrong with sailors and barkcloth-they are definitely a winning combination!


  1. Cute! My sister sells vintage photos in her booth in Branson.
    My dad just gave me a bunch of his mom & grandparents. I havent decided what to do with them yet.

  2. I love these, Valerie! So creative and colorful :-)

  3. Valerie, you know how I love incorporating photographs with other artforms, so these really spoke to me. The photos bring such a dimension to the pouches. And that anchor zipper pull? Too Cute!

  4. Love the pouches!!! I have been wanting to do the photo on fabric and even bought what I need.. it still sits on the shelf... you have inspired me!!!

  5. Thanks Ms.G.! I love old photos, and I have dozens of them. They are so fascinating with their secret stories. I was glad to finally come up with this idea:)

    Lisa-thanks! That is such a nice compliment!

    Joanne-I knew you would appreciate the use of photos here:)Thanks!

    Lisa-I can't wait to see what you come up with. It will inspire me, no doubt!

  6. What a great idea! I've always wanted to do that with old family pictures My idea was putting a picture on a pillow. Very clever. The pouches are great--with an anchor zipper pull no less!

  7. Love the sailor shirt and LOVE the pouches. You are a talent with so much heart!!

  8. Mary-I love your idea! And transferring the pictures was really easy too!

  9. And she comes up with yet ANOTHER creative idea! I love it. Never knew the photo-to-fabric stuff comes out so good. That's cool!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Your zip pouches are so cute! How clever! The photo images are such a fun addition to that wonderful barkcloth. :-)


  11. The photo works wonderfully with these! I have never sewn a zipper!The thought somehow intimidates me! scary!! You did a great job with these. SO VERY VINTAGE!

  12. Those zipper pouches are fabulous!! What an awesome idea with the photos!

  13. Thanks Lisa! I appreciate that!

    Kimberly-thank you!

    Michaelanne-thanks! I avoided zippers like the plague for the longest time! I've done lots now, but they are still nerve wracking:)

    Courtney-thank you too:)