Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Serenade in Blue


I snapped this photo of Dolores in one of her contemplative moods.  I wonder what she was thinking about?  I got her a new outfit last week, a vintage two piece sailor inspired sweater set in the most beautiful royal blue that perfectly matches her anchor heels. The interesting thing about royal blue is that it seems to compliment my barkcloth bags so well, no matter what color they are.   The USN sea bag is a new addition as well.  Dolores came with her own plastic pillar to sit on.  I had the idea to buy a sea bag and put the pillar inside, so it would look like Dolores is waiting to meet her sailor, and using his duffle bag as a seat.


Yesterday I took a bit of my luscious purple barkcloth, and by marking lines on the fabric and cutting as I went along, I came up with this little messenger bag. I wasn’t sure what the bag would look like until it was done, and it ended up being a fold over style, with lots of room in the main compartment, and an extra pocket too.  I used some army surplus webbing for the strap, and a big green vintage button to finish the bag off.


A magnetic snap keeps the two sides together.


Now Dolores can wait for that sailor of hers in style.  I haven’t had the heart to tell her that he is on backorder at the mannequin factory.

For the finishing touch to this post, here’s a little Frank Sinatra.  I hope Dolores likes it.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. The Sinatra gave me a big smile this morning.

    And Dolores too.

  2. it does look as if Dolores is in deep thought .. is she brooding over something? hummm.... must be young love?

    Did you see the movie Mannequin? Do you think she comes to life at night?

    Love your new bag.. it's a beauty!

  3. Tina-when Amy was in the 1st grade she had a crush on Frank Sinatra. She once remarked "Oh Frank. He's so easy to love!" I couldn't agree more:)

    Lisa-I did see that movie years ago. I should watch it again, with Dolores this time;)

    And thanks!!

  4. Love the idea you had with the pillar!

    Your bag is wonderful :-)

    What's Dolores going to do once she finds out about her sailor...

  5. Ha-hah! Dolores has such a wonderful stoic expression, and the perfect posture. And her legs are to die for! She makes this beauty of a bag such a perfect accessory for waiting on a guy who has to get his hair curled and his lips painted! Or will she wait? I think she's living the life now...:-)

  6. Valerie,

    It's so good to be back and read your post. I chuckled all through it. When did you get Dolores? You're right! She's perfect for showing off your lovely creations. What a cool bag. You are a very talented woman!

  7. I love this whole new secret life of Dolores thing! Her deep thoughts, snappy sailor suit, and backstory all add up to make her the ideal heroine.

  8. Tracy-I think there may very well be more to Dolores's existence than that of simply being a mannequin...