Saturday, June 2, 2012



I found this iris blossom laying in the grass.  I rounded up the usual suspects, but they looked more adorable than guilty.  It’s a fact of life that when dogs and gardens share the same space, there will be casualties.

This blossom was so huge, and so impeccably designed in color and form that I was stirred to take picture of it before it wilted.

Isn’t nature grand?

Happy weekend, dear readers!


  1. WoW .. that is fair quality!

  2. That's an unusually beautiful iris, Valerie...just stunning! And I'm sure those cute dogs just wagged their tails and grinned :-D

  3. I was going to ask what kind of flower it was, but Dawn took care of that.

    It is a beautiful flower and your photograph is well done. I love the droplets of water on the white and purple. It makes me wonder if it was the dogs or the weight of the water?

    Thanks for sharing this picture!

  4. It is Lisa! Mother Nature has really outdone herself!

    They did Dawn! Totally oblivious, as one sat on the newly planted watermelon, and the other plowed through a rose bush. ;)

    I think it was the dogs Sara. The stem was pretty mangled. But the good thing is, I don't think I would have taken a photo otherwise:)

  5. It's really beautiful. We have some little hands around here that don't appreciate nature's work as much as their parents. They too are lucky they are so adorable!