Monday, June 18, 2012

What’s in a Name


I used to be quite unhappy with my name-back when I was 7 or 8 or so.  I really and truly wanted to change it. 

I desperately wanted to be named Phillip. 

There was another time, when I was much younger, that I would tell people my name was Dorothy.  It was after I’d seen the movie Wizard of Oz, and it was more a case of being star struck by Judy Garland than anything else.  Maybe it was her blue checkered dress, or her braids.  Or the fact that she had her own dog, and lived on a farm.  I’m not sure.

Wanting to be Phillip was a completely different story.  I wasn’t star struck by anyone with that name, but I was desperate to have the name for its meaning.  Lover of horses.  And that I was.  So much so that I wanted to marry one when I was grown up.  Yes, I hadn't discovered boys yet.

I love the meaning behind Amy’s name.  Beloved.  Long before she came into the picture, I used to think about all of the people in the world who were dear to me, and I would think of them collectively as my “Beloveds.” And when considering baby names, years ago (almost 17 years, now) there was a lot of discussion over boy names, but not so for girl names.  I’d always thought Amy to be such a pretty name, and when I discovered it’s meaning I was thrilled.  Because my daughter truly is that.

My own name means strong.  It’s doesn't seem so undesirable now.  I still like horses, but I’m not crazy about them any more.  I’ve moved on to other interests.  And if I ever take that weight lifting class, I’ll be set.

So tell me, what does your name mean?  Does it fit who you are?


  1. I think in its long form my name means "justice" though I'm not sure how that fits.

    I've always loved the name "Victoria" for "victory."

  2. I've always hated my middle name, Rene, but that's because I had to sit next to one in 4th grade and she was REALLY a mean kid.

    I never knew that about the name Phillip.

    Last fall Pierce came home one day and asked why I named him Pierce. I told him we just really liked the name and he said, "BUT I WANTED TO BE NAMED SEAN!!" LOL!

  3. Tina-I think the meaning of your name is a tribute to what you have done with your life-You've done justice to it after everything you have gone through. And I love the name Victoria too:)

    Lisa-that's hilarious about Pierce! I wonder what the significance of Sean is? Kids are so funny:)

  4. I had no idea Amy meant "beloved". I love that. I don't like my name - it wasn't the one I was given at birth. My parents who adopted me wanted to give me a name that was very common in hopes of me fitting in. I feel exactly that - it is very common.

  5. I never knew the meanings of the names Phillip or Amy either. Very interesting. I've always loved the name Amy; it's so pretty and feminine. I tried to look up the meaning of my name, Tracy, but came up with such a mixed bag of results that I gave up the search. On my first day of kindergarten I so badly wanted to say my name was Patty but didn't. Ah, memories.

  6. That's a cute story Tracy!! :)

  7. Kim-although your adoptive parents meant well, I can't help but feel that something was stolen from you too. But you know what-I like the name Kim. It's old fashioned and elegant in it's simplicity, just like Amy:) Hugs, honey:)