Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden Idea, Some Visitors-and a New Bag


I love old enamelware.  I find pieces of it all the time at my local Goodwill store, usually costing no more than a dollar or two.   Monday I planted my collection full of herbs and petunias. I love the old fashioned look this adds to the patio.

Years ago, because we missed not being near any significant body of water, we bought the little fountain on clearance.  Turns out, the birds love it too!


grosbeak couple

Every spring, the Evening Grosbeaks migrate through Ellensburg on their way to their summer breeding grounds.  They are quite spectacular to see, and we relish the few weeks these striking, entertaining birds are around.  (But my, they are voracious eaters, and go through a ton of bird seed!)

While I’m not sure the male, who landed beside a newly planted petunia, knew what to make of the flamingo, both he and his mate approved of the fountain.


And lastly, I added another flower to my garden of bags-another market bag.  The purple barkcloth is even more gorgeous in person than it was in  pictures.  I’m happy to have sold four other market bags already.  I feel like I may have found my bag calling-to provide a pretty and practical plastic bag alternative.

Have a great rest of the week, all of you!


  1. Love how you made your garden a sanctuary for yourself and the fauna around you! That male bird looks suspicious and a little protective of his mate :-)

    Your market bags are adorable! This purple bird of paradise is one of my favorites!

  2. The market bags are a fantastic idea. Now that I am bringing home more produce from my CSA, I've even been using these bags to store the big stuff in my fridge.

    And I love the idea of potting in old enamelware. Do you have to drill holes in the bottom?

  3. Thanks Dawn! I wish the grosbeaks would stick around longer, but at least the flamingos never leave:)

    Tina-thank you too! And thanks for reminding me to mention that I did put holes in the bottoms of the containers-I just punched them with a nail and hammer:)

  4. Loving your enamelware garden! And your bag is so beautiful!

  5. You are so clever! I love the enamelware... I had my herbs in a little galvanized water trough and old pails in Wenatchee .. and you know what .. I forgot to pack them .. it was December .. who remembers plant containers then... I am so bummed!!

    Your bird bath is fabulous.. we are on the look out. I read having water for the birds is more important than food for attracting them in your yard. It is hard to find one we like .. I like the natural look. your's is awesome.

    Love the new bag ♥♥♥

  6. Lisa-thanks so much! :)

    Lisa-that is sad about your containers! I can really sympathize because we moved to this house in the winter and I left some garden stuff behind too-it was buried under the snow.

    Birds seem to really love the water features in our garden. (And so do our dogs!) I hope you find a fountain you like-I think we got this one at a Fred Meyer store.

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments!