Monday, May 21, 2012

The Edge of Summer


Amy photographed this lily yesterday.  We were out in the garden taking pictures.  With Memorial day, and the start of the summer season just one week away, the garden has been busy getting ready.

The tallest dandelion we’d ever seen-measuring about a foot and a half high from the ground up to the puff ball top.  Impressive!  It was trying hard to hide among the branches of the hibiscus so that I wouldn't yank it up.  I left it alone…for now.


The “coins” are forming on the money plant.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick enough in the fall to pay for another trip to Hawaii.


Purple columbine, by Amy.


Pink thrift, by me.


The sling chair that once belonged to my Great Aunt Olga.  I’m guessing she acquired it in the 30’s or 40’s.  If I remember correctly, my Uncle John found it in someone’s trash heap.  I’m proud to see where my scavenger gene came from.

The gorgeous vintage fabric pillow was made by my friend  Meg.  Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the sewing.



Olga.  I’ve heard that my great aunt hated her smile.  She always tried to hide her face when picture taking moments came around.


Kona isn’t too fond of picture taking moments either.  Enough already, she was thinking,  it’s time for a game of soccer.

light of the eclipse

Unfortunately, the eclipse wasn’t visible in our sky-too many clouds.  But the light was perfect, so I took more garden pictures.  Poor Kona.

I found inspiration in the sewing room this weekend too.  I had these two darling pairs of vintage shoelaces, just begging to be used.

drawstring pouches

And so I made these drawstring bags, using the shoelaces, and vintage barkcloth and feed sacking.

laces back

The back of the shoelace package.   I wonder if the offer is still good…

Happy Monday, dear readers.  I hope you had a great weekend, and that you will have a wonderful week, too!


  1. wonderfully fun Monday post .. great read on this drizzly rainy morning! Amy had a great eye for photography!
    Love your drawstring bags .. clever ... not to mention very handy!
    The shoe laces are a kick! Don't you just love old packaging.. sometimes that is the best part of an old treasure!

  2. It's drizzly here today too-I walked to the post office in the rain:)

    I thought the packaging for the shoelaces was so precious. It's a mindset that is hard to find in the modern world-a thank you for buying something as humble as a pair of shoelaces. I love it:)

    Thanks for stopping by Lisa! :)

  3. Oh how funny would it be if you sent off for that necklace?!

    Love the pink thrift. And that is one CRAZY dandelion!

  4. I wonder too, Lisa? I bet they'd want a lot more money now, LOL!

    I am developing a soft spot for Mr. Dandelion. I think I'll leave him alone:)

    Happy Monday, my friend!

  5. Valerie, your garden reflects the beautiful colors of your home, and it all manifests itself into your gorgeous barkcloth creations...those bags are beautiful!

  6. LOVE your garden pics:) The pink thrift is so pretty! I have never heard of it!! You did good rescueing that chair too:) Its definitely a keeper!!! Happy Stitching!

  7. Thanks Michaelanne! I hope you are enjoying that wonderful new pool!

  8. I love that you included this vintage photo of Olga. Old photos tell such stories.

    And your garden is coming up nicely. I'm still figuring mine out.

  9. Thanks Tina-and keep at it with your garden! Let me know if you want to email me with questions-I might be able to help;) And Olga-now there was a woman who knew her way around a garden! My goodness she was talented!!

  10. Your garden is blooming beautifully! That Lilly picture might be my favourite!

  11. I love the title of this post: "The Edge of Summer" because it's brimming with the promise of possibility! And I so enjoyed seeing the vintage shoelaces package - the free necklace offer is very charming. It makes me think of young girls planning to cash the packages in and wear the necklaces with their Saturday night dresses :)