Monday, May 14, 2012

Purple at the Golden Hour

I photographed these flowers from my garden yesterday, during the last few moments of sunlight. 

Amy gave me this lilac bush five Mother’s Days ago.  It was smaller then, and so was she.  Now, my lilac is almost taller than I am.  I love lilacs.  They make me sneeze, but I don’t mind.  The color and fragrance they provide is worth it.

The original seeds for my  money plant came from a dear friend in Virginia years ago.  She has since passed away, but I think of her every time I gaze at these beautiful blossoms.  Money plant is lovely in the garden because the flowers last for a long time, and  I love the parchment colored papery “coins” that form in the fall.

This sweet Johnny Jump Up appeared on its own.  One of the best things about gardening are the surprises like this.  The longer I garden, the more I am content with the plants that thrive in the particular climate of my back yard.  Daisies, hollyhocks, salvia and columbine are just a few of the plants that seem well suited to my garden, and do well.  I’m accepting the fact that I can’t grow everything I might like to grow, and learning to cherish what does well in my small piece of Eden.


And speaking of purple, I don’t often see purple barkcloth.  I’m considering purchasing some of this colorful fabric to make some of my market totes.  I usually work with vintage fabric, but for my market totes I use new fabric that can stand up to the rigors of heavy use and repeated washings. 

What is blooming in your garden, or neighborhood now?


  1. Hey, Valerie...beautiful purple visions!

    We have pretty much everything you are having right now as far as plants are concerned...with white asparagus!

  2. Thanks Dawn! And white asparagus! How cool! I'm going to have to learn more about that! :)

  3. Beautiful flowers! Love your lilac.

    Not much blooming now, although the hydrangeas are getting close, then there will be tiger lilies and my calla lilly from last year. I planted quite a few bulbs recently, as I found them on sale for 50% off, but I don't know if they'll take or not since it was a little late for planting.

  4. Thanks Lisa! I love hydrangeas so much, but I'm sad that it's too cold here. My grandma had a huge hydrangea and I wanted one to remind me of her, but not being able to have one is one of those things I have to accept about gardening here.

    I bet your lilies will be gorgeous! And maybe those bulbs will take, too:)

  5. beautiful .. purple is my moms favorite.. she had lilacs for her wedding bouquet ~:o)

    you sound like you have quite the paradise ♦ we are having fun seeing what is popping up in our new lo'cal.
    the rhodies over here are sooo amazing.. I forgot how gorgeous the west side was in bloom.

  6. Lisa-the west side is gorgeous! I'm jealous every time we head over that way. The Eastern WA dry season is here:(

    Lilacs-how beautiful and classic for a wedding, too!

  7. I love lilacs too. Yours are beautiful. You're a really good photographer! The barkcloth is lovely, also, at the same time girly and tropical.

  8. Tracy, thank you so much!

    I love your description of the barkcloth too-I think that's what really attracts me to it:)

  9. I planted some red snapdragons on your advice. So far so good. I will keep you updated. (this reminds me I need to go out and water them.)

    Also, thank you for participating in my last Blog Mingle. I'm hosting another one tomorrow.

  10. I love red snapdragons Tina! They will look so gorgeous in your garden. My garden needs more red-maybe I should get some red snaps too!

    I love your blog mingles! I'll be there:)

  11. So much is beginning to bloom in my garden! Iris, columbine, bleeding hearts and bachelor buttons are opening this week! I love the surprises that I find too..and those little jump-ups are one of my fave:)!