Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Road Taken

The perfect music…

And the perfect traveling companion…


New in my shop.  The boxy zippered pouch in stunning vintage barkcloth.

Happy travels!



  1. Everyone should travel with such beauty!

  2. Love the cute little shape .. fits so well with the fabric .. which is absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  3. Thanks Lisa! And happy Memorial Day weekend:)

    Lisa-thank you too! I felt to lucky to get this barkcloth-it's so pretty and the color is unusual too. As a fellow maker of gorgeous bags, I value your opinion a lot!

  4. Nat King Cole...I used to listen to him on a tiny record player my mom had as a teenager...I love him!

    And your bag is irresistable! That catch on the chain is the perfect thrilling detail...I love it, Valerie!

  5. I love him too Dawn-he sounds wonderful no matter what his music is played on!

    And thank you-I admire your work and value your comments so much:)

  6. The anchor zipper is the perfect touch! I love the contrast of the bold black and white stripes against the colorful tropical print.