Wednesday, August 1, 2012


zucchini bread

Right now, parts of our house are a complete wreck-a necessary consequence of home improvement.  Amy and I decided to take a little time out and make some zucchini bread with zucchini from our garden.

Our favorite recipe is an old one from a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook. It probably uses too much sugar and it also calls for shortening and white flour.  I know healthier versions exist, but still, we like it.  We added about a half cup of chopped dried sour cherries to this batch, and in the past we’ve also added chopped nuts, raisins, dried cranberries and chocolate chips.  (Combinations are good too!)

With a hot cup of coffee for me and hot tea for Amy, we were soon rested and restored and ready to get back to work.

What is your favorite quick bread-and what do you add to yours?



  1. That looks so delicious, Valerie. I have a recipe for banana bread that I love...using butter. It is narcotic!

  2. Yum! Wish my zucchini had not been destroyed by squash bugs.

    My fav quick bread is cinnamon apple bread. It's also bad - it has loads of butter in it, but so delicious!

  3. Reading this post makes me nervous. We're about to undertake renovations ourselves by getting all new cabinets in our house. I'm not anticipating this event; I just want to done as if I could wave a magic wand, but it needs doing!

    BTW I loved the top picture. It's laid out very well. The green cup first caught my eye. I liked how the color blended and made me notice the leaves of the vine.

    Then, the plaid plate also fit the mat by bringing out the blue-green and purple colors. Finally, the zucchini bread has the dark maroon color. It's a great picture!!! Good for you:~)

  4. Oh friend, I can relate to the wreckage of the house. Ours too is getting a bit of a makeover and I can barely stand the sight of it. Not to mention how irritating it is that the kids keep finding Shaune's tools everywhere. That bread looks divine.

  5. Thanks you guys! I think the cure for the home improvement blues is butter and lots of it! Hugs:) xx