Monday, August 20, 2012

The Cowboy and the Firefighter


I love this photo!  Two guys, simply doing their jobs.  Because of the hard work of everyone in the area of the fire, it will, hopefully, be fully contained by the end of today.

This past week the air quality has been very poor at times, and residents have been advised to stay indoors.  Amy and I decided to use the time to paint our living room and foyer.  We make quite a team, she and I, and I think our painting skills are getting to be pretty good.

Here are a couple of before pictures…




Living room and dining room.


And after…

I chose a dark green color called Edamame!



The doorway between the living room and dining room.  Edamame and Drizzle look good next to each other.


My new writing desk!  I’m sitting at it right now, writing this!

For a couple of years I’ve been holding on to some palm tree barkcloth that I bought in Honolulu the last time we were there.  I’d planned to cover a chair with it.  But I’ve been trying hard to save money and make do with what I already have, and so I decided to make curtains out of it.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

From 80’s eyesore, to a vintage inspired tropical retreat.  I may not ever need to go outside again!

I’ve missed all of you this past week!  I’ll be visiting blogs today and doing some catching up!  Have a good day, everyone!  xx


  1. Valerie, your abode is cool and cozy! Those drapes are the icing on the cake!!

  2. Whooooo Whoooo! WoW .. what a change! I bet you are just smiling from ear to ear every time you come into your beautiful new room! Sunset Magazine here you come! What a wonderful change!

    ... the fire picture is a good one ..
    hit my heart strings pretty good
    ... ~ sigh ~ ....

  3. Ohhh, I adore that green shade! When I worked at CPS for my first job, I painted my office a similar color. So soothing and calm.

  4. Thanks Dawn! I feel exactly the same way about the drapes too:)

    Lisa-I am! Amy and I have the system down now, and painting these two room was such a pleasure.

    The picture did the same to me. It sums up so well what this area is all about:)

    Lisa-Exactly-soothing and calm! Green is my favorite color:)

  5. I love that colour! And the details in this room are so lovely and so you. And I'm assuming so Amy.