Friday, August 3, 2012

Dining Room Makeover


Happy Friday, dear readers!  It’s time for the dining room makeover reveal!

I’d intended to start with Amy’s bedroom this summer, and do the dining room later, but as it was extremely hot last week and Amy’s room is upstairs, we decided to paint downstairs where it’s cooler. (I’m happy to report that we’ve spent this week painting Amy’s room.)

The above photo shows what the dining room originally looked like when we bought this house…

And now…


I chose a pretty blue green for the walls.  The color is called Drizzle.  It’s a soothing color for our climate which is technically a desert.



Because Bing Bang Boomerang, the wonderful seller I bought my barkcloth from, sent me a little extra fabric, I had enough to cover the seat on my vintage telephone table, and make a valance for a window that previously had glass shelves hung in front of it .  My husband also replaced the traditional light switch with a vintage push button switch too, for an extra touch of vintage authenticity.


4 We love it!

I am so grateful for Amy’s help-she is such a hard worker, and I’m hoping to post pictures of her room very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. It looks beautiful! I really love the push button light switch - fantastic touch!

  2. Thanks Lisa! I love the old push button switches too-they are pretty cool!

  3. What an outstanding place, Valerie. Your home is definitely a castle! I love the colors you chose, and the barkcloth is wonderful!

  4. LOVE it, Valerie! You and Amy did an awesome job!

  5. Thank you Dawn! The colors are really pretty, not harsh like before and I was so thrilled to find the chocolate barkcloth!

    Thanks Melissa-Amy is so awesome! She helped pick out the wall color too:)

  6. I love it .. pure charm .. the color you chose is so cool & bright!
    I love old houses... ♥ they have such character not to mention craftsmanship .. sorely lacking in modern designs...

    wonderful job!

  7. Thanks Lisa!

    When we bought this house the home inspector said just what you expressed-that new homes lack the craftsmanship of older homes. This place is a little beat up after 112 years, but solid as a rock:)

  8. I love that blue! What a cheerful room. And it is so very you. And those curtains are fantastic.

    Job well done. (And that must have been so much work.)

  9. Thanks Tina! It was a lot of work, which is why I think I put it off until now. The actual painting is the easy part-I enjoy it. It's the moving stuff and all the prep that I hate!

  10. The after looks exactly how I imagine your home would look. It's gorgeous and so you!