Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Celebration


Tell me who you love, and I will tell you who you are.                                              

-Arsène Houssaye


It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. Dinner is finished and the dishes are done. We’ve donned our winter coats and gloves and are heading out on our nightly walk. In a matter of a few steps, we are several yards away from the bright glow of the porch light, and darkness closes in.  Still, I can see her hand reach towards me and I feel her arm encircle mine.


Three ordinary letters.

Three ordinary letters that spell my life. Strung together, they define sweetness and kindness and beauty.  Fairness and loyalty.  Quiet strength and simple wants-and a fun sense of humor too.  An inspiration for the kind of person I’d like to be.

My daughter.

17 years ago today I was forever blessed.

Chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.  How is it possible that I will need to put on that many candles?

Happy birthday, my beloved girl!


  1. A HUGE Happy birthday to her! Love the sweet picture.

  2. Valerie! ah nice to see you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to AMY! very nice post. i love my daughters so much as well. couldn't live without them.

  3. On behalf of Amy, thank you Lisa! She'll be so thrilled to see these comments! I'm looking forward to making her cake and wrapping her presents today! So much fun! :)

    Renae,a big thanks to you too! I agree with your sentiment-I love Amy so much and could not live without her either:)

  4. If she is anything like her mother (and I suspect she is) she is a delightful, thoughtful, very special girl. Happy Birthday to Amy!

  5. Valerie, what a wonderful post--touching and loving. She has your beautiful eyes--I thought it was you! The curls, too.

  6. Happy birthday to Amy. You are blessed in each other. What a lovely celebration.

  7. How special! Love those eyes .. so full of curiosity!

  8. Melissa, Dawn, Cam, Buttons, and Lisa-Thanks-to each of you, for all of your wonderful wishes for Amy and helping celebrate her day! It means a lot!!

    Renae, ;)

  9. I love everything about this post. The photo, the's perfection. Happy birthday (one day late, sorry!) to your girl! I hope Amy had a great birthday.

    PS - Thanks so much for the sweet comment about Buttercup. I really appreciate it.

  10. Tammy, thanks so much! And I've got more hugs if you need them:)

  11. This is BEAUTIFUL, and so is Amy!
    Happy Belated Birthday!

  12. Thanks Lisa!!! I appreciate it:)

  13. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. My eldest has her birthday very close to Amy's.

    I remember she was never happy about it as a child because people often combined her b'day gift with her Christmas gift, but now she's in her thirties and just enjoys the birthday.

    I hope Amy enjoyed hers, as well. BTW the chocolate cake looked yummy and rich. It made my mouth water!