Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Piece of Cake? Not All the Time

Martyrs and stained glass.

Such a tantalizing prompt!  I really, really, really wanted to write something, but the words just would not come.  And in addition to being at a loss for publish worthy prose this week, I struck out in the sewing room too. Yesterday, the bag design I sketched out in my mind failed to translate onto actual fabric, and I made-as my dad used to kid me back in high school when I’d sew something-little pieces out of big pieces.

Creativity frustrates me.  Some days it comes easily, like Niagara Falls.  And other days-well, it’s almost like I forgot to pay my water bill. I just wish I could tap into my creativity on demand, and never be at a loss for meaningful and productive inspiration.  But then again, without those moments of creative angst followed by creative breakthrough perhaps victory wouldn’t seem quite so sweet.  I don’t know. 

I did dream about the prompt though, likening churches to cake-which made perfect sense in my dream but not so much when I woke up.  And because of the prompt, I also remembered a couple of funny anecdotes from childhood about going to church-and in particular, reciting the words to prayers without really understanding what was being said.  I thought wicked foe was wicked foam, and my younger sister couldn’t figure out why we should be “hardly sorry” for our sins (heartily sorry!) 

I’m not too discouraged about creativity. This dry spell won’t last.  Just like dry spells in the past have never lasted.  In the meantime, I just got a new cookbook, and there are some cake recipes I’d like to try out.  Angel food or devil’s food?  I’m not sure yet.  I’m waiting for inspiration.


  1. It was a really hard prompt! I couldn't make it work for me either. I hope you find that elusive creativity soon.

    Tonight is my final of cake class level 2. I'm doing a strawberry cake with buttercream basket weaving (I hope!) and lilies on top.

  2. Oh, I know the feeling. I had difficulty with this prompt as well. It was a creative prompt, but everything I tried to write just didn't go anyplace. Sometimes it happens. I did enjoy the dream and the word misunderstandings.

    Regarding creativity: I always tease about my creative muse. When I find I'm at a place where things aren't flowing, I just figure my muse decided to take a brief vacation to Tahiti or someplace like that. I imagine her lying on a beach chair, soaking up the sun and drinking a Mai Tai. I know she'll get lonely soon and come back to me. I just have to be patient:~)

  3. Creativity is a funny thing. I have learned so much about the ebbs and flows since starting my blog. Sometimes I'll have so many ideas for posts lined up, then other days I think of something the very morning before I post it! I have so many ups and downs that I have come to realize when ideas aren't coming to me that I'm just in a dry spell and the creativity will flow once more. Coffee tends to help as well! :)

  4. Oh goodness, those horrid dry spells and fickle muses! My muse loves to go walkabout from time to time, the silly goose.

  5. Goodness I now have a craving for cake! Cupcakes, red velvet cake, cake pops, cake batter ice cream.....oh Valerie what a slippery slope you have now put me on ;-)

    I understand completely the loss of creativity! On the days where my excitement and motivation for my website is high, I will try to do as many posts as I can. I'll spend an entire day researching and "banking" posts for those days where I don't even want to turn the computer on. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, I try to focus on the days that it works!

  6. Oh I understand the dry spell (did you see my post today?) came to me but I am not sure I liked it:) I know you will wake up and the storyteller in you will be back everyone needs a vacation even our minds. Hug B

  7. Oh you don't need to worry about writers block. Ya know there is always a flood after a drought. Hahahaha. Your tarnished silver with fiesta wear is WONDERFUL. So cool of you. (hug)

  8. I hear ya. Those are the days I put myself back in the audience and enjoy what someone else has created.

    You have a fiction blog now? Very cool.

  9. what a prompt!! I ;like the photo...I have 5 skinny boys who love cake!
    I get writers blog when I am down and depressed...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  10. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. There are so many times when I finally have a little time to write and nothing comes. It's so disheartening. I usually have to walk away and accept that it's not the right time. And of course there are other times when I should be doing other things when creativity will not leave me alone.