Thursday, February 21, 2013

News From the Wilds of My Studio!


There are a thousand different kinds of bamboo. 

And seven different kinds of leopard.

But only one of these…


My newest bag!

I used a rich golden yellow mid century barkcloth that has a flower and leaf motif, including pink and black bamboo!  I love the little pops of turquoise as well-so 1950’s.  The retro style of this bag is one of my favorite designs, and I love the combination of this smashing vintage barkcloth, black plastic bamboo handles, pink vintage buttons-and leopard print lining!



Because there’s no such thing as too much leopard!


Or is there?


  1. as I scrolled down I though .. oh wow .. new bag .. how pretty
    ... then as I scrolled further
    WoW WoW ... L♥Ve the inside .. Oooo la la .. that just makes the bag!

  2. It's fantastic! I really love the rose pink with that golden wheat yellow :-) So pretty!

  3. Very cute! Love all those leopard photos :)

  4. Wow, you are so wild! Love those spots, and your creation is to purr for! I love it!

  5. Valerie! hahahahahahahaha. Too funny. I lovelovelove your purse! You did an awesome job on it. My ydd, the fashionista, made a purse so similar to it about 5 years ago but it was a quilted fabric. She stopped using it so I took it over. I loved that purse to death. It isn't dead but she wanted it back when I was done. I should get it again and put in in a post, huh? hahahahhaha. Thank you for your fun and nice and sweet comments to me, every time!!!

  6. Great bag, Valerie! Love the fabric and the handle and lining are perfect. :)


  7. Valarie, you are so talented! My mom and aunt are very good with all things quilting/sewing/overall crafting, but I'm afraid it skipped a generation. Although, as a youth, I could do a mean latch hook...I envy you talented people! By the way, it's a gorgeous bag! :-)

  8. LOL what a fun post. That bag is beautiful. You are amazingly talented. I can't sew...period. I can't even hem well and so, I look at what you create with wondrous eyes. I agree with others about the handles...nicely done and a perfect fit for the look of the bag.

    Of course, you had to toss in some great pictures to make me giggle. Much appreciated:~)

  9. This is gorgeous Valerie. I do love the details! And I like that the leopard print is subtle.

  10. Really cute. And I adore those vintage pics.