Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Studio Makeover


I wanted to post a few pictures of my recent studio makeover.  After staring at dark blue 80’s wallpaper for 4 years-I finally decided enough was enough-and I painted, painted, painted!

I love green-and as you can see I went with a green color palette.  I still want to paint my shelves green-and my “ honey-do” still needs to make new baseboards and molding-but other than that the room is finished.

Now I can’t wait to sew and write to my heart’s content!  (After my arms get a well deserved break) :)


studio5 studio6 studio7 studio10studio8 studio9  studio11 studio12 studio13 studio14


  1. This room just SCREAMS creativity! I love it. I know you're going to find so much inspiration there :-)

  2. Adorable! I love all the Hawaii pictures and posters!

  3. Thanks a million, both of you!!

  4. SSSSSOOOOOOO TROPICAL !! I LOVE the color! All my walls are green too - although I didn't have the guts to go this bright! It looks AWESOME and makes it feel like the outdoors is inside.

    You have your own little Paradise!